1. R

    OTM vs. Elite Hunter

    Anyone have real world experience using the OTM's on elk? Specifically the 300gr in .338 caliber. I don't see much about it on the forums since about 2013 and there has to be a lot of use of this bullet since then. Looks like they have a thicker jacket then the hybrids (which are well known...
  2. K

    .338 Bullets for sale

    All of these bullets are 300 grain and for sale: - 90 Berger OTM Hybrid tactical - 97 SMK's from one lot - 99 SMK's from another lot $300 for everything and free shipping!
  3. BlazerBeam

    WTT 250 grain accubonds for 225 grain accubonds

    I have about 300 250 grain accubonds. I would like to see if someone would like to trade some 225 grain .338 cal accubonds for some of them. My rifle seems to like the lighter bullet better. Let me know. Thank you
  4. Unastamus635

    WTB Thunderbeast suppressor certificate

    Looking to see if anyone has a certificate for Thunderbeast suppressor they'd be willing to sell. Looking to buy a Thunder beast Ultra Suppressor for my .338. Please message or text me. Jason 612-751-7064
  5. L

    SOLD/EXPIRED Unfired Savage .338 WM, stainless, fluted, dies/brass/bullets

    For sale is an unfired Savage 116BH in .338 WinMag, stainless, fluted barrel, with Realtree camo pattern, adjustable muzzle brake (on/off). This has a really nice Accutrigger. Includes original box and all paperwork. Also included is a set of RCBS dies, brass, and bullets. Scope/rings are NOT...
  6. T

    Best bullet for a 338 edge

    ive broken in my barrel with 250’s and was set on using the 300gr vld hunting as my bullet working up. However, I’m reading a lot on 250’s shooting flatter with less wind carry until you get WAY out there. What’s your experience?
  7. BigBuck74

    Hells Canyon Armory .338 Norma Mag! Carbon

    Up for sale is a Hells Canyon Armory build with their barrel, and defiance action. The gun is literally bran new, with only 60 rounds through it. I am selling it for a friend, so I will tell you as much as I can. He wants something for PRS shooting, so he is selling it to fund the other...
  8. Rex Tibor

    Surgeon XL Remedy .338 Lapua ~ Reliable, Rugged and Ridiculously Effective

    Here is a snapshot of my beloved old puška! This pic was from 10 years ago when I first started really slammin' it at >1.5km with the .338 Lapua. I am still runnin' the old double turn Schmitty. I still roll'em mild, still love the old 300 grain SMKs. She pushes back with some weight, yet...
  9. Rex Tibor

    Howdy! I am Rex Tibor (aka TiborasaurusRex)

    Howdy, fellow long range hunters! My name is Rex! I am pleased to be a new member of the community here! I have been reading articles and reading through the forums here for many years! Quick Introduction: I am a guitar player! I enjoy extreme long range (ELR) precision shooting! I am a...
  10. L

    SOLD - .338 Baer, Blueprinted, fluted, muzzle brake, Timney

    For sale custom made wildcat round known as the .338 Baer......rounds are fire-formed from Weatherby .340 Magnum. Action - Blueprinted 700 Sendero (1st gen) Barrel - 30" Bartlein HV Stainless Fluted Muzzle brake - Vias Gunsmith - Sid Goodling Firing pin and spring assembly - PR&T Recoil lug -...
  11. 3

    .338 EDGE 300 SMK Multiple BC for ExBal

    I just picked up a Dell X5 and installed ExBal on it and started to get it set up. I see several guys use .800 for the BC instead of the published .768. My question: Does anyone use the multiple BC setup or is it best to just try .8? I only have a 26" tube, so the 300SMKs are only doing...