1. JumpinLegs

    Custom Barreled 325 WSM Browning BLR

    I've been looking into Browning BLR rifles for several years now and somehow just discovered that they used to make the BLR in .325 WSM. I think that cartridge would be perfect for the BLR. Unfortunately, Browning no longer makes the BLR in that cartridge, and it seems that the ones they did...
  2. JumpinLegs

    Experiences Rebarreling Browning X-Bolt and Winchester Model 70 CRF

    I'm looking at buying my next hunting rifle. I currently have a .270 Mossberg Patriot, so I'm looking to step up the cartridge to either a .300 PRC or a .325 WSM to "more adequately" deal with larger game. I like three-position safeties (or at least a two position that locks the bolt) due to...
  3. Overkill338

    Been thinking about the .325 WSM

    I've been in a big discussion about the .325 WSM on another forum. I wish I had never sold my Savage 14 325. It really was a fun caliber to play with. I've never thought about it much, but what about building a .325 WSM with a 28" Sendero contour barrel. Maybe have it setup with some free-bore ...