1. JumpinLegs

    Experiences Rebarreling Browning X-Bolt and Winchester Model 70 CRF

    I'm looking at buying my next hunting rifle. I currently have a .270 Mossberg Patriot, so I'm looking to step up the cartridge to either a .300 PRC or a .325 WSM to "more adequately" deal with larger game. I like three-position safeties (or at least a two position that locks the bolt) due to...
  2. Overkill338

    Been thinking about the .325 WSM

    I've been in a big discussion about the .325 WSM on another forum. I wish I had never sold my Savage 14 325. It really was a fun caliber to play with. I've never thought about it much, but what about building a .325 WSM with a 28" Sendero contour barrel. Maybe have it setup with some free-bore ...