1. levers4life

    300 RUM Newbie Advice

    First post here. been lurking for years, great info and seems like a very helpful community. I have been reloading for a few years but this will be my first go with the Ultra Mag. Been shooting factory ammo through it. Remington 700 standard barrel - 26", standard length magazine. I will be...
  2. A

    Rem700 AWR 300 RUM, Zeiss V4 4-16X44

    I am listing and selling for a friend on this one. Like new Remington 700 AWR 300 Rum w/ Zeiss V4-4-16X44 ZMOA, Warne 1 piece steel base, burris xtr rings, timney. Also has been opened up and has wyatts extended mag box in it. Rifle has been bedded into factory grayboe stock. Timney trigger...
  3. T

    300 RUM for sale Left Handed

    Selling because of hard times and divorce. Used for hunting. I shoot 230 grain berger with retumbo and its shoot sub MOA. Scott Weichel built the gun and assembled it. Here are the stats 300RUM 28" barrel Broughton 5C sendero countour Mcmillan scout stock pillar bedded Jewel trigger 1.5 lbs...
  4. R

    Long range setup for Sambar deer in Australia

    New member, first post. Looking for some advice. I've recently become interested in long range Sambar hunting. Until now the the deer i've taken have been at under 300m. I've had opportunities out much further but haven't been confident with my current setup or my ability to achieve an ethical...

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