1. G

    Case head separation.

    So I just got my 300 prc built a few weeks ago and have been shooting factory hornady match 225s. I wasn’t getting the accuracy I wanted so I got a die and started doing some work up. I found a load my gun really liked at 79 grains of retumbo I set oal to the same as the factory stuff. Shot a 3...
  2. D

    Hornady 300 PRC 1x-fired Brass in Boxes Free Shipping

    Hornady 300 PRC 1x-fired (100 pcs) Brass in original Boxes. $65.00 Shipped
  3. Mc Fraser

    300 PRC vs 30 Nosler

    It's that time of the year when I want to build a rifle from scratch. I want one of the new 30 cal cartridges like the 300 prc or 30 nosler. My question to you the owners of such rifles, what performance do you get at 1000yds? What about 500 yds?
  4. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Packlite Rifle Sale prices ENDING this month.

    We will be raising the sale pricing on our rifles starting September 1st. If your on the fence, now is a great time to order and save some money. Lead times are running out around late November. (These will not be ready for this season) check out the packlite rifle series here...

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