1. Budget'06

    30-06 Competition Loads

    Hello everyone, I hope this finds everyone doing well. A few months ago I purchased my first rifle, a CVA cascade in 30-06. I've been working on a load to shoot at a local clubs 300 yard competition. I have tried two powders so far (both with the same bullets). Ramshot Big Game and IMR 4350. Big...
  2. RHallenbeck

    SOLD/EXPIRED Pre 64 Winchester Model 70 Target w/Lyman scope

    Dated 1949 Winchester target marked 30 Govt 06. Original blueing and target stock finish. Smooth action and has the original red field target sights as well. fitted with Lyman 12X scope in perfect shape..Rifle is NOT marked US property anywhere but the serial number does fall in the range of one...
  3. G

    Federal Trophy Copper 30-06 Ammo

    Howdy, I am looking for Federal Trophy Copper in 165g and 180g. I found some 180 online, but figured I would ask here first. I am going on my first elk trip and want to compare non-lead options for personal reasons. Reputation: I can privately share an eBay account with rep Shipping: Shipped...
  4. A

    2 .308 Rifles/Ammo/Brass, 1 30-06 Rifle for Sale!

    OK, I have the following 3 rifles for sale plus ammo, obviously would be nice to do a whole kit and caboodle to one buyer but not likely. I'm open to reasonable offers and trades, looking for long range 1,200yards plus 30-06 (main reason I'm selling all this is to build one) other ideas pm me no...
  5. RuttingRN

    Back in the Saddle Again…Well Almost.

    Good evening ladies and gents, This is my first post so please excuse me if I’m reviving a beaten/dead horse. Also, I apologize for the novel below…whoops. I grew up shooting and hunting (since I could hold and safely use a firearm). Mind you I was never taught the sciences of shooting, just...
  6. R

    30-06 w/ 175 gr Barnes LRX

    Recently read an article in the shooting times regarding the 30-06 and long range hunting. I picked up some 175 gr Barnes LRX bullets and was initially going to load them with H4350. However, the author of the article mentioned his choice of powder for long range reloading for the 06 would be...
  7. A

    308 or 30-06 long range?

    looking for opinions on a new rifle build i was thinking 308 or 30-06 i have currently a 6.5 creedmoor and a .270 but just wanted a 30 caliber gun for availability for bullets And have a bit more knock down power when hunting elk and moose at further distances, i never shot a 308 but heard it...
  8. F

    WTB: Left Hand Browning X-Bolt

    Looking to buy a left handed Browning X-Bolt in 30-06. I may be interested in another caliber depending on what it is. Thanks!
  9. W

    Savage 110 High Country

    I’ve been wanting a nice factory gun in 30-06 for a while now and nothing has seemed to catch my eye. But the new Savage has really caught it. Does anyone have any experience with this model, I know the 100 line up has been around since the 50’s, but I’m looking for reviews or personal...
  10. tr175

    SOLD/EXPIRED Rem 700 Titanium 30-06

    Nice, Remington 700 Titanium lightweigt mountain rifle. Stainless barrel, titanium action, bell & carlson lightweight stock. Heck of a deal, $1050 shipped to your FFL .
  11. tr175

    NIB Weatherby 30-06

    New in the box Weatherby Vanguard S2 30-06. Only ships to an FFL. You pay actual shipping. Only asking $350.
  12. T

    178 gr eld-x in 30-06

    Hi all. A good friend of mine if going to have his Tikka T3 rebarreld shortly in 30-06. He's asked me to reload for him. So i have a few question to those of you that are shooting the 06 with the 178gr ELD-x 1)What coal are you running? 2)If it's a custom barrel was it throuted for them and if...
  13. 1Moose

    Wondering when to retire .30-06 brass (sectioned brass photos included)

    When posting this, I somehow lost a lot of the content, so attempting to edit it now.... I have a Rem 700 .30-06, and I'm wondering when to retire the brass. With the load my rifle likes, I am seeing light extractor marks occasionally, and slightly cratered primers regularly. I never have bolt...
  14. MajorSpittle

    30-06 Superformance Load Data

    Does anyone have load data on Hodgdon Superformance for 30-06? Looking for data all the way up to 212gr EDX rounds. My Hornady 9th edition only lists to 168gr. Also, any first hand experience/insights with the powder and 30-06 would be appreciated. Is it Temp. Sensitive with 30-06? I just...