224 valkyrie

  1. Braunschweiger

    SOLD/EXPIRED NEW Whidden 224 Valkyrie Click Adjustable Full Length Sizing Die and Micro Seater + Components

    I have 100 new Hornady cases plus a few boxes of once fired. 250 brand new unopened 88 grain ELD-M bullets. The die set will include standard seating stem plus the custom stem for the 88 grain ELD-M. This will be a package deal, don't plan on splitting up as postage costs an arm and a leg...
  2. G

    Chamber help/.224 Valkyrie

    Im looking for a smith can measure a chamber on an AR barrel and inspect entire barrel. Maybe cast the chamber. Measure it. I’m able do it but I can’t. I need independent exam. The chamber seems oversized to me. The fluting appears too deep. I think the neck may be over SAAMI spec. The finish...
  3. HobieH3

    Question on the 224 valkyrie

    Can the 5.56 NATO be loaded to match the Valkyrie with longer bullets (90g), or will that be over the AR COL limit? Could it be done in any factory bolt actions, or would it be a complete custom job? EDIT: Wasn't the whole point of the NATO change to fast twist barrels to shoot heavier...
  4. G

    224 valkyrie

    Hello guys first post here, does anyone have any experience with the 224 valkyrie, as I'm looking into building an upper, but am having doubts on being able to get good seating depth etc. when using an AR platform. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.