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Labradar is the simplest, most accurate system available for measuring bullet velocity. Simply place the unit near the shooter and turn it on!

LabRadar is not actually a chronograph at all, but rather an extremely accurate Doppler Radar. Doppler Radar has been used by defense agencies and ballistic laboratories for many years for research and development of all sorts of projectiles, but the units were bulky and extremely expensive. The manufacturer of LabRadar has been an industry leader in Doppler Radar for over 20 years and is proud to offer the same outstanding technology in a compact, affordable and easy to use package.

USA shipping only.

Doppler Radar is the most precise method of measuring velocities available. Its accuracy is not dependant on light conditions or being exactly parallel to photo electric sensors resulting in false readings.

  • Easy Set Up - Place LabRadar beside the shooter, point towards the target and you’re ready to go.
  • Bottom of unit has a threaded hole like spotting scopes and cameras do - attaches to any tripod or the optional Bench-Top Mounting Plate
  • Maximum Velocity, Minimum Velocity, Average Velocity, Standard Deviation, Extreme Spread.
  • Actual velocities at various distances from muzzle out to 100 yards.
  • Accurate with subsonic, transonic, supersonic projectiles.
  • Works in any light conditions.
  • No Shooting through a small confined window.
  • Records virtually unlimited number of shots and shot series.
  • Custom software for later PC analysis.
  • Smartphone, Tablet, iPad compatible.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can the LabRadar be shipped out of the USA?
The Long Range Hunting Store is only authorized to ship in the USA. There are dealers and distributors in Canada and Europe at this time also. 

How does LabRadar work?
LabRadar velocity measurements are based on Continuous Wave Doppler Radar and advanced Digital Signal Processing Technologies.

Is it Safe to use?
Yes, LabRadar was designed for compliance with the United States FCC Regulations and CE requirements.

How accurate is it?
LabRadar has an accuracy of better than 0.1%.

Will it work in the hot, cold, cloudy, sunny, shade or changing light conditions, rain, indoors, outdoors?
Yes, unlike most light sensing chronographs LabRadar is not affected by these environmental conditions.

If you’re not in the center of the radar beam is the accuracy diminished?

Does it work on batteries?
Yes. LabRadar uses 6 AA type batteries. It can also be powered from an external USB power pack.

What range performance can one expect with LabRadar?
In general LabRadar will typically measure the velocity of a 7.62 mm projectile from muzzle up to 100 yards. After extensive testing of a variety of calibers you can expect to obtain velocities at these distances *. .177 Pellet - 30 yards; .177 BB - 30 yards; 22 LR - 60 yards; 223 - 60 yards; 270 - 70 yards; 308 - 80 to 100 yards; 9mm - 130 yards; 40 S&W - 130 yards; 45 ACP - 130 yards; 500 S&W - 130 yards; 12 gauge Slug - 90 yards; Paint Ball - 50 yards; Arrows - 50 yards; * Since every bullet has a different profile your results may vary. In general, the larger the base (excluding the boat tail) the great the distance the projectile can be acquired.

What is the Warranty period?
One year from date of purchase.

What data does LabRadar provide?
LabRadar provides minimum/maximum velocities, extreme spread, average velocity and standard deviation of a shot series. Velocities are constantly tracked and recorded at various distances along the flight path. The user will be able to define the distances he would like the velocities displayed. You will also be able to download all the shot and series data to a CSV file.

How reliable is the LabRadar?
Infinition, the company that created and manufactures the LabRadar has been designing and manufacturing high end instrumentation radars for more than a decade. Infinition’s high end radars are used daily by professionals at various Research Centers, Ballistic Laboratories and Proving Grounds around the world. The LabRadar has been built from the same technology inside Infinition’s high end radars and brings that technology in the hands of the shooters and hunters, providing an accurate and reliable way to measure the velocity of various projectiles.

Can the LabRadar be used with bows, crossbows or airguns?
Yes, it can measure velocity on a wide range of different projectiles. Because the unit is triggered by the loud noise of the muzzle blast, an optional Archery Trigger Adapter or Airgun Trigger Adapter is available.

How do I use Labradar with 22 rimfire or Suppressors??
Since there is very little muzzle blast pressure emitted from 22 rimfire or suppressed firearms you may need to place Labradar approximately 3 inches in front of the muzzle and approximate 3 inches to the side. If your unit still will not trigger due to the low muzzle blast you can purchase the Air Gun Adapter to assist in triggering the radar.

Lover this device. I have used normal chronographs and the magneto speed and LabRadar is the easiest to use to date. I mount it to a normal camera tripod, was easy to setup. Be sure to read the directions on how to activate it when you are ready to shoot and get used to the menu items, the buttons are a little awkward and no intuitive. Pulling the data up on MS Excel is very easy and it does give a lot more information. Need a little more instruction on what all the numbers variables it gives you. So far after 2 outings I am very happy with this device.
I have greatly enjoyed and appreciated the LabRadar Chronograph. This is one of the few shooting accessories that I have purchased that actually performs up to the standards by which it was advertised. I have found it to be user friendly and very precise. It performs well under a variety of weather conditions. I would not be without it and would encourage anyone that is serious about collecting the data on their gun to purchase one of these without hesitation.
Oh, and one other thing; once you leave a series, you can’t add additional shots to it. Not a bid deal. Just make sure you are ready to move to the next series.
Finally got the radar unit, bench plate, carrying case, and the charger pack all in hand. I have made 3 trips to the range with it.

I mainly wanted this unit for the ease of use at public shooting ranges where it is near impossible to set up a chronograph in front of the bench with tripods.

Easy to set up and use. Easy to change targets near and far, etc. Everything can be done from the bench during a hot range and you don’t have to wait for a cease fire. And there is nothing attached to your barrel to mess up your groups. Those two point are worth the price of admission alone.

I have shot a couple hundred rounds in front of it. All 223’s and 308’s. It has yet to miss a shot. It seams to be very accurate. I can put the velocities in my ballistics programs and dial in long range shots that are right on the money. Headed to Kansas at the end of the month to air it out.

If your public ranges are like ones around here, the benches are too narrow front to back. They are so narrow that it is hard to get a front and back rest under your rifle with out part of it hanging off the edge. These poorly designed ranges where obviously not built by shooters.

I mount my Labrador on the end of a board and anchor the other end with sand bags to get the unit out near the bore of the rifle where it needs to be.

Of course this would not be and issue if you are shooting on private or public open land.

I also like the fact that I can take the SD card out of the unit and download the strings onto a computer for recording the range session. You can add you load data, atmospherics, notes, and anything you want to these files. I download mine to Pages for Mac but supposedly the PC junks works well too.

The 3 sessions I had lasted over 3 hours each. Still on the original battery set. But, I did use the external battery pack once just to make sure it worked.

- Easy and fast to set up from the bench.
- Does not affect accuracy of a string by touching barrel.
- Data is easily downloaded for analysis.
- Very accurate and reliable.

- If you are not semi electronically literate, you may have a little trouble.
- Stings are numbered but you can’t name them on the unit. So you will need to keep a log.

The package is fine, set-up a joy, operation intuitive...but the unit's display just doesn't cut it: too small and without sufficient contrast or brightness. You have to use the Bluetooth 'connection' to an ipad, a toughpad or a laptop to make it practical.
I bought this to replace a Shootin Chrony brand chronograph. I was getting irregular readings from the S.C. model, and decided that if I wanted to be accurate enough for long range work, I needed something better than "just close". The Lab Rader proved to me I was off about 100 feet per second. It has made a huge difference in my down range accuracy, and how I reload.
Boy, what a wonder this is!! I was so sick of using a chronograph with the time consuming set up etc and decided to pull the trigger on the Labrada despite the cost. Used it today for the first time and what a joy! Set up is virtually non existant and I was amazed at it's speed. I have struggled for years trying to get single digit ES and low SD with a variety of units. Did it today with no problem. I am looking forward to many years of frequent use with the Labradar.
Accurate in that it agrees with Magneto Speed. A bit awkward to use prone, but the fact that it can be used on every shot without affecting point of aim makes up for that by far. The Airsoft accessory package with the microphone is needed for 6.5 Creedmoor with a suppressor. I would be happy to sell my optical chrono and my Magneto Speed if anybody is interested.

I have to disagree with David on using the LabRadar prone. I almost always use mine prone and I find it very comfortable and easy to use that way. -Len Backus-

Received the Labradar in early May and after a crash course learning to use it I think we tried most of our guns and it works great.
I am very pleased with the simplicity and efficiency of the machine.
Thanks Len, for making available a great piece of equipment for the shooter.
Love the lab Radar --- Really easy setup --- so much so that I clock new lots of factory ammo. Looking forward to making use of some of the other factors it supplies around speeds at distance intervals.
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