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    How far can you connect?

    My top 4 longest kills shots are as follows. 1,065 yards in an Arapowa ram In NZ with a 375 CT. 915 yards on an Alberta bighorn ram with a 6.5-06. 730 yards the other day on a coyote with a 7 saum. 620 yards on a whitetail buck with a 7 saum a few weeks ago. I recently missed a coyote at...
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    New build

    I love my 6.5-06 and it is very easy to load for. I run Hornady 143 ELD-X at 2965 fps and use hornady 25-06 brass, run it through the sizer die and the brass is done. Ackley improve it for a little more horsepower but it will run right with the 6.5x284 as is already.
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    Best 7mm cartridge?

    Im running 195’s in my 7 SAUM at 2900 fps. Super polite to shoot and great ballistic performance. My SAUM is set up on a long action.
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    Leupold Scopes...Do you trust them today?

    I have Leupolds on all my rifles from VX-1’s, VX-R Patrols, VX-3i LRP, VX-5HD, Mark 6 and they all perform perfectly and glass is great.
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    Predictions for The next rifle caliber/ cartridge trend

    I think the rimfire stuff is going to get bigger for a while as we see .22 PRS matches popping up more and more and lots of new rifles and actions released for the deuce deuce. I also think that the ELR game is opening up and there’s still lots of room for wildcat calibers to be developed in...
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    7mm SAUM vs 300 WSM for Elk/western hunting?

    7 saum gets my vote. I’d run the 180 eld-m’s and you can get 2900 fps+. I get 2960 from my long action and 2900 with 195 EOL’s.
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    Crazy 7mm build

    I have a 25” 7 saum that pushes 180 ELD-M’s at 2960 fps. It is built on a long action but if the rule of 20-30fps speed loss per inch of barrel cut off my rifle would still run the 180’s at 2900 fps. The 7 saum is a kickass caliber.
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    Toughest Long Range Hunting Optic?

    I vote for the Nightforce ATACR 4-16x42
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    25.5” Proof Carbon 1:8 twist
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    Update from this past weekends shooting and testing of the 195’s in my 7 saum. Overall I am extremely impressed with the accuracy and ES/ SD’s throughout all loads. There were slight pressure signs of ejector marks on the brass but no worse than my 180gr load. I found a sweet spot in my load...
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    Hey guys, I’m going to dig up this old thread as I’ve been researching this combination for a little while now. I’m hoping maybe two years later there is some more first hand experience and maybe some pet loads for the 195 EOL’s in a long action 7 saum. I have a Tikka action mated to a Proof...
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    Nightforce vs Huskemaw or something else in that price range??

    I second the Leupold Mark 5HD. The only down side is the 35mm tube and ring options. They are very crisp and bright and lighter than NF. In my opinion, the Huskemaw is a great user friendly option but the glass doesn’t compare to NF and definitely not Leupold.
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    6.5 x 06 Just input

    I run a 6.5-06 that I had built on a Tikka action and put a 24” Proof carbon 8 twist barrel on it. I am using RCBS full length sizing die and running Hornady 25-06 brass through it. I am running 53.6gr of H4831sc behind a 143gr ELD-X and getting 2975fps. It’s been a bughole grouping rifle from...