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    New to LRH

    Kevinb71, The 30/06 isn't a bad gun to start with. It was a ww2 sniper round so it can't be bad. There is plenty of good 30 cal bullets out there. Save you money and buy the best optics you can afford. Leupold, Nikon, Nightforce, US optics are just a few of good quality glass. Take...
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    Annealing case necks

    I see I'm at the point where I need to learn to anneal the my cases. I can dip them in lead as was suggested but for how long. What other techniques are used? I have plenty of tourches at work that I can use. Please list in detail what your process is. Thanks for all the responses
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    Annealing case necks

    How do you when it is time to anneal the necks? I am shooting a 308 and 300 RUM and have noticed that the amount of effort that it takes to resize them using a Redding bushing die varies from case to case. I have checked for uniform neck thickness, which they are. I've also tried using the...
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    Which scope ?

    My vote would be for the vxIII.
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    good action for long range

    Thanks Ballistic64
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    good action for long range

    Does Lawton have a web sight
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    SOLD/EXPIRED F/S: Rem 700 VS 308 short action

    300 WSM Where are you located? I'm in Wausau. Is this a total rifle or just an action? I would be interested in both.
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    Redding Competition dies

    I have a competition seater in a 308. I am using 165 SST's and I can't get them to seat to 2.8 OAL. I am about at 2.93 OAL What happens is that the press bottoms out on the die and the adjustment on the die is all the way down towards the press.
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    Lee priming tools

    thanks for all of your inputs. That makes me feel better when the experienced have had few if any problems with this tool
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    Lee priming tools

    Abinok, Thanks for the quick response. I didn't think it would really matter on what brand you used as long as one pays attention.
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    Lee priming tools

    I have a Lee hand priming tool the directions say that not to use Federal primers they may explode. Can anyone agree or disagree with this
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    Target crowns

    Thanks to all. I understand a little more on crowns and what they do or don't
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    Need load data fot 150 gr hornady sst 300 win mag

    oldfamily, 72 grains of IMR4350 with 215M primers. Have had good luck with them just don't aim for the shoulder. Only one the entrance hole to worry about.
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    Target crowns

    meichele I haven't tried any different lengths yet. I am waiting for my Sinclair bullet comparator so I can sort my loads to the same length to elimate another variable.
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    Target crowns

    D.S. The end of my barrel does have tool marks where it was turned. When I shoot 5 shot groups I consistently get 3 in a bug hole and 2 are out, but as you said it isn't that much $ to spend

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