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    I want to get into duck hunting

    I prefer a 28" but a lot of guys like the 26"
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    I want to get into duck hunting

    You can't go wrong with a Rem 870
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    Scheels 4-12x44 scope

    Pm sent
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    My Son Got His 1st Michigan Bear

    It’s tough hunting black bears and it’s really tough to get a big one. Congratulations!
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    7mm-08 short range deer bullet

    If you lung shoot them i would also look at the 139 gr sst. It will act more like a varmit bullet at closer ranges 20-100 yds. I have been pleased with there accuracy and performance.
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    7mm-08 short range deer bullet

    I would look into the 139gr Hornady interlock.
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    practicing for hunting

    It really depends on the quality of the bore sight. I have personally used multiple types of bore sights and the only one I use is the one you insert into the chamber. I have had a lot better luck and a lot less headaches.
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    My boy (8) shot his first

    Tell him congratulations! I wish I was eight when I shot my first deer.
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    800 yards deer hunting less work the better

    It depends on you budget. I would pick the 300 win mag for the caliber.
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    Daughter wants a new (smaller and lighter) rifle....

    I would go with the Ruger american predator in 7-08. It also has a threaded barrel.
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    2018 mule deer

    Nice buck
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    The Life cycle Of A Bear....

    I would rather have bear meat over any other meat. Can’t wait to get one this season
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    Muzzel break blew off on the first shot!

    I would take it back to the gunsmith and ask him what he is going to do about it.
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    Hello people. I'm a new member

    I don’t really know. I believe you have to have so many posts on the forum. I would ask a board member.
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    new member from Hawaii Island

    Welcome, looking forward to seeing your posts.

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