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    Intact ecosystem my @$#%)&

    That'd work on a few, but many so called "park wolves" (and don't think that "park wolves" doesn't actually mean "any alpha pair FWP can find in the entire state") have been vaccinated. It might keep pack numbers down for awhile, but that's about it.
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    montana gophers

    Nothing is up north of MSLA, yet. They should be up around Polson with in a few days if the weather stays as warm as it's been lately.
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    Favorite Wolf Rifle

    Whatever is closest...:D. (Sorry, couldn't resist) I like my old short tubed Remmy 788 in 6mm, with a Luepy VXIII for open country, or My Bison Armory 6.8SPC with a VXII 2x7 in the timber.
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    How's the wolf hunting going for ya'all?

    Too much work, too much super deep crunchy snow... But still trying.
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    Cought one napping

    Nice work! It's great to see someone else starting kids out young. I started taking my kids along when they were about 6 too. The "holding still" part is the toughest for the little ones, but it seems to get easier after they get to see you hit pay-dirt a couple times. My daughter is now 10...
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    Montana Coyote and Wolf Hunt

    I'm in! Is it just Sanders, or can we hunt Flathead Co. too?
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    Do you like the Beretta A 300 Outlander

    Haha, good stuff there packrat. Yes, I do highly recommend it... now that I bought the **** thing:D. Jokes aside, it really has been flawless so far. Granted, I got it the day I started the thread, so it hasn't been around too long. But so far it's killed 12 ducks, 1 goose, a pheasant and 4...
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    Do you like the Beretta A 300 Outlander

    Why yes, threejones, the A300 is an excellent choice. Eats anything you shove down it, has the lightest recoil of any 12g you'll ever shoot, and the stock adjustments are prefect for a southpaw. Plus a monkey could be trained to clean it in about 30 seconds. Not bad for an $800 gun.
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    Grouse Guns?

    Remmy 870 wingmaster 20g made in 1954. My dad took a zillion grouse/pheasant with it in his youth. I've only been using it for about 10 years, so I'd recon I've only taken a quarter of a zillion with it. I like my Beretta A300 Outlander 12g an awful lot too, but it lacks the cool factor of a...
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    Newbee looking for some advice

    ^^^ All great points. The one thing that's been understated so far is this- Keep at it, keep at it, keep at it, keep at it!!!! It's toughest to bring in that first one (I'd bet it took me over 20 empty stands before I finally called one in) If you learn what you could have done a little...
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    Scope for ar15 for coyote hunting?

    For -300yd work, you don't really need zillion dollar 20x glass. A simple 3x9 with almost any reticle will get you to 300yds if you do your part. A 4x12 or higher is pretty common for a yote rifle, but there's not all that much need with in 300yds. You'll get more scope for your dollar if...
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    AR-10 or 6.8?

    The 6.8 SPC was created to give the AR platform more knock-down power within 300 yards while retaining a 16 in barrel (and a mag capacity over 20 or something). It does this very well. It's a whitetail hammer within 200-300yds. All with the same weight and handling as a standard 556 carbine...
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    Do you like the Beretta A 300 Outlander

    No bird hunters around here huh?
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    Do you like the Beretta A 300 Outlander

    Like the title says, if you've got one or shot one, what'd ya think? Any issues I should think about with the gun? Pheasant, grouse, duck, geese(rarely) and a bit of skeet/trap(again, rarely).
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    2014 Wolf Archery Kill

    Sounds like you need a "semi auto" bow!:D Nice work, now go get his buddies!