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    US Optics $2500 Rifle Scope Give Away Contest

    Enter Me In US Optics Rifle Scope Contest
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    Wapiti Ballot 2010

    Nice Photos Stu, bet you thought you were in for a great trip when you grassed those two so soon after landing! Hook Peak is an impressive bit of rock
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    Wapiti Ballot 2010

    Can you post up any pics of the area and your 12pt Stu?
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    Wapiti Ballot 2010

    Must be nearly due out of the Wapiti block, progress report asap please
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    Nikon Monarch Binocular Give Away From Cameraland

    Enter Me In The Nikon/Cameraland Contest
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    Wapiti Ballot 2010

    Typical bloody school teacher! The sky installer came around yesterday and he is going to Upper Glaisnock first period!! tinny bugger
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    Wapiti Ballot 2010

    That mid burn will be a nice cheap block to get to Stu. Whitewater block is out of the heli exclusion zone so get dropped up high I would say. The fellas that had that block when we had the George did really poorly. Mind you they were lazy barstards and spent most days being flown out of the...
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    Bob Hart Video w/ Sportsman of North America in Africa

    Crikey, he's an excitable bloke!
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    Nice one Kiwi3006

    I think its a 408 Cheytec necked down to .338
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    Nice one Kiwi3006

    I see your longer range hunting story published in Greg Duleys magazine, NZ Hunter. I have a similar story planned about the Edge, still work in progress
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    Minox Digiscoping Outfit - $2,000 Give Away Contest From Cameraland

    "Enter Me In The Olympus/Cameraland Contest"
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    DE 338 Edge- KILL SHOT ON VIDEO.

    Nice one DUH, we should organise a swap hunt sometime, I would like to knock one of those Sambar stags over
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    First NZ Tahr with the 338 EDGE

    Tahr is very good eating, some prefer it to venison but not me.
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    First NZ Tahr with the 338 EDGE

    By now it was getting hot and the Tahr had disappeared so we caught a few winks up on the hill. After lunch I spotted a few more across the valley and again further up so off we went. Getting ready to head after the second mob On the way we had to criss cross the bouldery stream, on one...
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    First NZ Tahr with the 338 EDGE

    Midweek after Labour weekend Kiwigreg and I headed south with a number of things to do. First plan was a couple of days looking for Tahr, next was a long range shoot with the reprobates from the deep south and thirdly the pickup of the new Frewza which Crazyman kindly picked up. Yawn was...

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