Nice one Kiwi3006

Cheers for that Steve. My friend Rob has a story to be published in the next NZhunter about our tahr hunt this year.
Helps to but a few a few extra toys too!

Look forward to seeing your article on the Edge. Any idea what his 338 lunatic is?
Just went and got the magizine especialy:D. top notch read.

seen the .338 lunatic at the sika show. looks well, looks nasty to all deer in its range:D
I thought it was made from laupa .338 cases???? IIRC I dont think it looked big enough to made from a .408 case
If you are referring to my article it is the one called "Make your own luck " in the latest issue of NZhunter. If you are referring to the338 lunatic there is a picture of his son Jamie shooting what looks like a bullpup style rifle, i think it is in the rticle about the Kaweka search and destroy area.

I was talking about your article was interested in seeing what one it was. as it turned out i had already read it and it was a great read. love stories of long range hunting.

did it end up shooting half MOA to 600yards like you wanted?

what shot best?

You might find that you could just use the a-maxs and have one load for everything. but if you like the security of the accubonds for close range shooting then stick with them.

nothing more important than confidence in your gear.
NZP I have only had one chance to shoot it at a target at 644 yds, using 168 bergers. There was a strong down valley wind, which may have had a right to left switch. First shot on the target was about 10" left but perfect for height.(I drove up to the target to check it was hitting and then drove back, made no changes) Next two shots were within 1.75" of each other, about 3" low and 3" left.
Not a 0.5MOA group but I feel the wind had a part to play.
The 162 a-max shot slightly better then the accubond, but I am now using 168 bergers as the 162 a-max were impossible to get for awhile there, I saw some idiot pay $180 for a box of 100 on Trade me a while back.
The bergers shot the same as the a-max, I have taken red hinds at 594 and 442 yds with them.
Looking at how soft the berger and a-max are I don't think I would ever use either on close game.
The berger and accubond shoot to the same POI so that is handy.

thats pretty good shooting IMO. there are no truely calm places in New Zealand unlike the bigger countries.

I've heard alot of good things about the VLDs and there long range ability to down game. I couldnt get ahold of any 168VLDS and while i was waiting for them to come in stock the 162A-maxs came back in stock so i bought them.

I have had some experience in using the A-maxs at close range and they have worked very well even on big red stags at 25meters.

pretty big bonus the VLDS and Accubonds shoot same POI!

are you going to try to work your way towards shooting 1000yards??
My gut feeling is that my rifle isn't a 1000 yd rifle. I don't think I am either. I would like to have a few shots at 1000 yds to see how it goes though. My range finder is a Leica 900, so that limits it a bit though, although my hunting mate hasa leica 1200. The furtherest I have shot is 840 yds, didn't quite hit the rock but got close.

What are yuou using to shoot the a-maxs?

im using my 280AI.

it is a trued remington 700 action,
free floating 26" #5 contour lilja barrel
standard remington trigger but it has been adjusted standard
remington wooden stock thats been glass bedded
Nightforce 20MOA 'direct mount'
Nightforce NXS 5.5-22X50 Mil-Dot

shoots the A-maxs at 2930FPS which is a mild load and they shoots 1 - 1.5" 5shot groups at 300yards. havnt actually thoroughly tested it at 600 but i did do a couple of groups at around 3-4"

I tried the 168SMK, while they did shoot better the accuracy was at 2700 and the A-max is a better game bullet anyway
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