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    ive used my m14 with scope for very lr so yess they can be very accurate. m14s were used as sniper rifles in service. i wont give mine up.
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    1000 yd shooting

    spin drift also take in rotation of the earth. its turning when the bullets in flight so your target is moved since you fired the round. calculate speed of bullet to figure time in flight to target to adjust.
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    .22-250 and 53gr. VMAX

    if you like clean kills drop in there tracks.. use 55gr ballistic tip 30gr reloder 7. ive used v max and sst they dont compair to what i get from ballistic tips.
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    help to decide to change bullets in 7mm mag

    try loading up some nosler ballistic tips there awsome in wound damage without passthru. safer or others being hit by passthrus and less tracking thell usually drop in there tracks. good luck
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    Tasco mag 50

    i actually have one on my 30-06 and i load my own ammo and so far i can place 3rd group at 100yrds and cover them all with a quarter. i love it and used other tascos for yrs alot say there junk i think its them. ive had them bumped and banged around for yrs and ive not had one loose its zero.