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    What do you think of the 6.5 WBY RPM ?

    it shoots cleaner cooler quieter longer flatter and faster than the 6.5 grendel 6.5 creedless 264winny and the 6.5 prc. will it catch on bigtime? i just dont know...
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    Well finally did it...sold all my reloading stuff !! Anyone else shooting factory ?

    i reloaded fpr 45y or so. got tired of it and sold my stuff to a ft carson guy. i shoot strictly factory ammo in diff cals and diff brands. when i was working every month id buy a 100 or 200.00 of factory ammo. then when i shot at the range id shoot a box or two ea time, except w my ars i sjot...
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    Co unit 53

    we just talked about a camping trip up to Crawford after greenup to scout around for an otc elk hunt w some friends on another forum. Prob be April or May.
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    New Grendel

    Nice rig, congrats and good luck w it. I got a AR 6.5g 24" for long range shooting; got it good to 600y now, working my way to 1k then 1300y. Sooo much nicer than cranking on the bolt guns that I did for 50 yrs.
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    AR Stoner upper

    ar 7.62x39 is reasonable accurate, cheap to shoot as a .22lr, is a good <300y hunting round, and its the choice of the enemy (in case the shtf you can stock up on hp ammo for them) . One prob is the manufacturers are slow to develop consistent rounds. Fed and Win and Hornadyare prob the best...
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    Brass catcher popularity?

    wife got me one for Christmas and I luv it. I think ranges should have an ar catcher rule to keep the brass and steel off the ground since my experience is that .22lr and ar guys are the worst about not picking up their brass. Range clutter would be reduced 90%. I want to order a spare mount...
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    AR Stoner upper

    I have a noname AR in 7.62x39 that I got from "a1gunoutletllc" on gunbroker. My first ar and I luv it to death. Light, fast, accurate when worn in, cheap to run. Tried 6 diff ammo brands, types, weights, and have found that Silver Bear 123HP shoots smallest groups at 100,200, 300. For hunting...
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    I fell off the deep end and joined the dark side. New AR owner

    May the AR force be with you Luke I was same, shot bolt guns for 50 yrs. Bought an AR 7.62x39 and I was hooked. Bought an AR 6.5Grendel for long range and I am teetotally hooked. Even switched to a Rem 7400 .270 for regular ol deer elk etc. Gas guns rock. Good luck.
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    Which 6.5 Grendel? – Buy or Build

    I bought my AR 6.5G new off gunbroker exclusively for long range non-competitive bullseye shooting. Its an Alexander Arms 24" match upper with New Frontier Arms composite lower. I have it zeroed at 500y. Last week I shot a 1" group at 425y at my club range and I hope to do something similar when...
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    Any 6.5 Grendel shooters in the forum?

    6.5-300 Wby is now largest. and maybe 6.5 Nosler
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    Any 6.5 Grendel shooters in the forum?

    Wind was bad and my shooting was crappy trying to learn the wind, but I managed one 1.5" group at 425. Didn't do the 600 due to gusts.
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    Any 6.5 Grendel shooters in the forum?

    I been around a long time shooting bolt guns and I resisted the AR craze til I saw one in 7.62x39 and bought it. Ive been wringing it out w diff kinds of ammo for a yr or so. Then I began reading on Grendels and I resisted that for a bit til I stumbled onto a great deal on a new Alexander Arms...