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    sending a gun to the smith

    thanks alot guys thats what i needed
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    sending a gun to the smith

    i have never sent a gun to a smith to be worked on so im curious what if any paperwork will i need to send my action to a gun smith or is it as simple as puting it in a box and away it goes? thanks for the info guys.
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    finding a smith

    i live in southeast ks and long range shooting isnt really popular here so needless to say trying to find a good gun smith out here isnt going so good i found on ( vandyke rifles) but i would like to be able to choose from more then one does anyone know of any in ks or near southeast ks? thanks...
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    good luck?

    great that is what i was hopeing to find out i guess now i get to sit down and figure it all out. thanks for all the help
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    good luck?

    i just got a 300 wby vanguard off a guy for 150 he didnt care for the recoil i have shot my uncles befor and dont mind it i want to use the action to build a long range rif off of it has anyone done this and had good results or am i up a creek without a paddle? thanks alot

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