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    Made in the USA important to you?

    80% of my purchases will go American companies
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    Best thermal for under $3k ???

    There is a group on FB that i follow The Night Vision, Thermal & Predator Hunting Group Bruce Nolan host this Group these guys talk about thermals like Long Range Hunting talk about barrel twist
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    Barrel twist

    After a little research on some of the above suggestion 1:8 would win. I will do more research on the heaver Berger bullets. My son and i played hell trying to get the 168ABLR to group at 100yd but found much better results at 200-500 hoping a tighter twist and 28" barrel will help any...
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    Barrel twist

    Going to get my 7mm RM barreled by Hart. What twist would I want to go with to load the Nosler 168LR. Open to any and all suggestions