Barrel twist

1:9" will get you shooting up to most 180gr bullets very well. If you go to a 183 SMK, 184 Hyb, 195 Elite or 197 SMK, go 1:8".

A 1:8.5" will stabilize the 183-184s plenty, and would be a good compromise.

I would also suggest looking at the 175 Elite. Amazing bullet that shoots very well in a 1:9".
One would think that if your planning on the 168'a,,, a 1:9 or 1:10 would work for you...

Berger has a on line twist rate chart that will help you decide...

Cheers from the North
The noslers shoot better with a bit more than normal twist where I ive and shoot. 34' above sea level with a station pressure 30.13 on average. The 1/9 is fine but the 8 will open up the options like Lance K suggested. It will not hurt 150's and up.
After a little research on some of the above suggestion 1:8 would win. I will do more research on the heaver Berger bullets.
My son and i played hell trying to get the 168ABLR to group at 100yd but found much better results at 200-500 hoping a tighter twist and 28" barrel will help

any opinions on CONTOUR of barrel
Thats up to you braked 3b - 4 minimum. Depends on what you can deal with. I carry a 16# 243 for coyotes but prefer a 6# 06 over an 7.5# 270 for tracking. Im going to a folder chassis for long walks to a stand in a pack vs slung. That will allow a more stable rig without killing me.
I don't see a down side to going with 8" twist. As a lead free bullet manufacture, it opens your options for current bullets and future bullets.
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