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    SOLD/EXPIRED Older .257 bullets and 257 Roberts rounds for sale

    A friend of mine is cleaning out some old reloading stuff. See below for list. Looking to sell local (Fargo, ND), but will ship if needed. Prices do not include freight. Please contact [email protected] 1) .257 Roberts, 17 rounds, unsure of Grain $20 2) Winchester 257...
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    Looking for good late season mitten choices

    I'm looking for a pair of good mitts for late season hunts. We're talking REAL late season mittens. I look at reviews on Cabela's and see comments like, "I hunted all day in the bitter cold and 30 degrees didn't even get my hands cold!" I hunt in ND and MN... 30 degrees is light jacket and no...
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    And yes. We get quality, big coyotes. If you look through my posts you can see a dark phase one...

    And yes. We get quality, big coyotes. If you look through my posts you can see a dark phase one I shot last year. This year I'll be doing a couple eastern MT hunts for light phase dogs. I can't wait for the snow!
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    Black/silver Coyote

    22-250 through a Savage 10 Predator. Nikon Coyote Special scope. Nothing fancy but anything standing still under 300 is a sure kill. Getting a fully body mount of him jumping after a pheasant.
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    300 Win Mag Choices

    My uncle, who was huge into elk hunting in Montana, recently just passed away. My aunt told me that I could have my choice of guns from his collection. I'm for sure going to take an older Model 70 in 264 Win Mag (nervous about this since I've heard these can be a finicky round). My dilemma...
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    Black/silver Coyote

    The coloring is pretty wolf like. But the size and shape is definitely all coyote. Plus, I can't think of a situation where a wolf and coyote would interbreed in the wild. Wolves hate coyotes as much as coyotes hate fox. It would be cool if it happened though! Can you imagine 70 pound coyotes?!
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    Black/silver Coyote

    Just over 40. Fergus Falls area. Going out again at midnight. -19 degrees but only 5 mph breeze.
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    Black/silver Coyote

    Link to the coyote I shot tonight. MN. Zero degrees. Two came in. Could only get this one.
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    Black/silver Coyote

    Called in this dog tonight. He came in with another smaller coyote that I couldn't get to stop running after the first shot. A real trophy in Minnesota where there is a lot of hunting and trapping pressure. I'll post daylight pictures tomorrow so you can see how cool the fur on this guy is. Oh...
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    Vortex Viper PST turret wrench size

    Somehow I lost the hex/Allen wrench that is used to take off the turrets on my Viper PST. I switched up my hand loads a little this season and need to adjust my zero. Does anyone know the size of that wrench so I can replace it?
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    Primer problems, No fire in 7mm RM

    My first thought was that the headspacing was off, but I double and triple checked with my headspace gauges and they were spot-on. The brass was brand new never fired so fouling or cleaning media should not have been a problem. Type of primer (as far as ignition of powder) isn't an issue since...
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    Primer problems, No fire in 7mm RM

    I'm just starting my handload testing for my 7mm RM. I have 20 rounds through it with 168 bergers and varying levels of H1000. I got great accuracy from the 64 and 65.5 grain loads. BUT out of the 20 handloads, I had 3 no fires. I have 40 rounds of factory ammo through it with no problems so I...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Savage 7mm Rem Mag Barrel - $100

    7mm Remington Magnum. Factory barrel. Matte blued. Magnum sporter contour. 24" Standard shank. 40 rounds through it. Shot good for a factory barrel and factory rounds (1 moa @ 100) but I decided to go with a heavier, longer barrel. Fits any standard shank, long action savage (110) or...
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    H1000 in a 24" barrel

    I am going to try reloading 162 A-max and 168 Bergers in my 7mm RM. I have read numerous good things about H1000 for these rounds but they have almost all been with a 26" barrel. Does anyone have any experience with this powder in a 24" barrel or have any recommendations for a good powder?
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    Powder Selection for 7MM RM 168 VLD

    Wondering what powder would be good for the 168 VLDs. I hunt in MN and ND so the temperature and weather can be all over the board. H1000 seems like a popular powder that I want to try but have no idea how consistent it is with varying temperatures. Shooting through a 24" barrel with 1:9.5 twist.