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    Are Hogs Realy Dangerous?

    HOLY LIGHTNING! We get big pigs around here. I've seen some I'd say are in excess of 350 pounds however that big one has to be at least 600 pounds. Just guessing. Unless you hit the perfect shot on those all you've done is make them angry. Wow. I thought it's was photoshopped at...
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    Greetings from the Canadian prairies where the biggest bucks roam

    I'm not a trophy hunter. I eat em,so the rack isn't important to me. Not that I'd mind a huge rack. They are well fed around here. There was a record holder shot in Borden maybe 10 years ago,I'm sure someone has tagged something bigger since. 10 years is a lot of hunting time. Anyways...
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    NEED To watch this guy!!! Tiborasaurusrex

    I'm subscribed to his channel. He really spells it out for the beginner right up to the experienced shooter. I've learned quite a bit from him about form which has really improved my shooting ability. I was developing bad habits and his vids basically made me start right back at square one...
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    Greetings from the Canadian prairies where the biggest bucks roam

    Hey guys. Figured I'd introduce myself. I live in Saskatchewan. Great hunting here. Not sure if the record still stands but at one point the biggest buck ever shot was taken about an hour from where I live. Been out these past 2 weekends trying to help a farmer with a pig problem,ended...