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    Missouri squirrel season

    Nice! I'm ready to get back after them. Acorns everywhere in central MO this year.
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    Ruger M77 action-why don’t you see custom builds?

    It can definitely be done, as others have proven. I just think other platforms have more aftermarket options and a stronger following.
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    Need a new scope. What are your thoughts?

    Thanks for the replies. Also thought about the Bushnell Elite LRHS.
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    Need a new scope. What are your thoughts?

    I'm looking to get a new scope for hunting out to 700-800 yds with my 6.5 Creedmoor. It currently wears a Bushnell Elite Tactical, but the scope has MOA turrets and a mil-dot reticle. It has been repeatable so far out to 1000yds, but I'd like something with an MOA reticle so I can use my data I...
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    Missouri squirrel season

    I plan on getting started soon! I think squirrels are fun to hunt, and this foliage makes it even more of a challenge. I'm going to try my recurve on a few this year, as well as the handguns, rifles, and shotgun (one area I hunt only allows shotguns). Should be fun between squirrels and frog...
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    What's your favorite hunting bow?

    Gusd I've shot almost all the Elite bows since the GT500. They are great shooting bows and probably my favorite grip. I still own an Energy 35 and Spirit, but will likely be selling them soon. The E35 is smooth and holds on target well, probably the best of most bows ive shot, but it is a pain...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Couple Scopes for Sale

    I have a couple scopes for sale that I'm no longer planning to use. 1. Weaver Grand Slam 3-12x50mm w/BD-X reticle. It was only mounted briefly and is in great shape. I think the box got tossed when I moved last. $325 shipped. 2. Weaver T-XR 24x40 SF Target scope with 1/16th target dot...
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    Shooting 80lb + ???

    This is an old thread, but just wanted to drop in my experience. I shot an 80lb bow for a couple seasons. I injured my shoulder two years ago when a log rolled the wrong way while moving it...long story. Anyway, I definitely couldn't pull 80lbs anymore. I had to shoot a 41lb bow that season. I...
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    What are your opinions about arrow lube and arrow removal?

    Chapstick works well. As does the Carbon Express lube. I've found that twisting the arrow, breaks the weld and allows it to come out easier. If you're shooting Easton arrows, i wouldn't do this, as the glass filler they use will twist or break.
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    What's your favorite hunting bow?

    I've been through a dozen or better bows in the last 3 or 4 years, and shot every single new bow that's been on the market each of the last 4 years. (yes, I do have a wife reminds me of that frequently) Each bow has had their own great qualities and faults...for me anyways. The one...
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    Sacrifice For Quality or The Case For Custom

    I'm in the same boat. I have gone through several factory rifles, and swap them out all the time. (I do have a few hand-me-down rifles from my dad that I don't shoot much, but could never sell.) I've recently decided to sell the majority of my factory rifles and get one rifle that I will get to...
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    Mid Priced Scopes

    This is good stuff. People's eyes are very different, and we perceive things very differently through different optics. I'd agree with the statements about each brand, other than my Trijicon 3-9x40 has very nice glass IMO. And the reticle is great for low light. Meopta MeoPro seem to do...

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