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    AR500 targets I made to help quickly measure group size

    Those are great! I'm wondering f if you could use some dark chalk and rub it across the plate and see the lines? Or use something else? lightbulb
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    fun in the Wind

    I picked up a 112 mag a few months ago. Just started getting serious with the handloads. I've got a bunch of H1000 and 300 grain OTM's. I have to admit, it is really a fun gun to shoot! I swear I think my buddies little 243 kicks more than this ole' beast. :D
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    Savage Model 112 Target Magnum 338 Lapua

    I've got about 75 rounds down the tube and it is a really fun rifle to shoot. And I have to agree, the brake is fantastic. I've been shooting the S&B 250 grain match ammo and it does surprisingly well. This was at 350 yards (due to the corn coming up around the house my "range" distance has...
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    Is my thinking correct..168 TSX

    I use the same load for 140 Berger VLD's, 140 AMAX and 140 Ballistic Tips in my 6.5 CM. The Bergers are the most accurate and I prefer them for punching paper but I have a decent stockpile of BT's and AMAX. It was just curiosity on my part. I had worked up the load for the Bergers, then...
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    Savage Model 112 Target Magnum 338 Lapua

    I don't do Facebook. :rolleyes:
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    Savage Model 112 Target Magnum 338 Lapua

    Thanks! Mine will be here Monday afternoon. Now to find some decent glass that won't break the bank. :rolleyes:
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    Savage Model 112 Target Magnum 338 Lapua

    I sold several shotguns today and have the $$$ to buy the Savage. One silly question? Can I replace the brake with an after-market product? I understand that the brake that comes with the rifle looks great but doesn't really work. Discuss...:D
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    Savage Model 112 Target Magnum 338 Lapua

    Thanks! I'm going to sell a few junkie safe queens and see what I can do.
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    Nightforce SHV and alternatives

    Without going back and reading all of the posts I assume we are talking about the SHV that is first focal frame with exposed turrets?
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    Nightforce SHV and alternatives

    I wish to thank everyone too. I may have to pick up another Burris.
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    Nightforce SHV and alternatives

    I hate it when they cover up the turrets with caps in the advertisements. I bought a Burris MTAC a few years ago and the turrets are about the size of a pencil and I have to take a microscope to the range to read the dials. Great scope, great glass, great CS, worthless turrets. :rolleyes:
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    Savage Model 112 Target Magnum 338 Lapua

    I am seriously considering purchasing this rifle but I'm reading a lot of negative comments about bolt sticking with reloads in many Savage 338's, especially in the 110 series. Has Savage changed anything on the 112 in regard to bolt and chamber or are they the same as the other models? I
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    Heads up on ELD-X

    As soon as I run out of the melting tip AMAX bullets I may consider trying some. It will be a while though. :rolleyes:
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    scope leveling

    Thanks as well. I have bubble levels on my rails but I think I'm going to go with the scope levels. I've always had problems "levelling" everything so now I go outside on the range and I hang a piece of cord with a weight (a plumb bob?) attached to it. I then turn the reticle until it matches...