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    Advice on used Oehler 35P

    I have one that I would like to sell off now that we have gone strictly to labradar. It would be a real bitch to ship though because I have it all in a double rifle case so it contains the whole system. I have not used it since we’ve got the lab radar so I don’t know if it makes much sense to...
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    This is crazy!

    Agreed the first round on buck is probably the only shot that would get fired. Hard to figure a scenario where four or five shots would be fired.
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    This is crazy!

    I kind of go the opposite. I put a 3 1/2 inch 000 Buck first because I expect to be surprised by a charge. I figure the first shot is going to be fired in a hurry and rushed. Then I have slugs for the rest. Not sure if it’s right or wrong, and I’ve also never had the experience of being charged.
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    AMP Mark II Annealer Review

    So where is the best place to obtain one of these beauties
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    300 PRC Dual load results Berger/Hammer

    This particular thread explains it way better than I ever could.
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    300 PRC Dual load results Berger/Hammer
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    300 PRC Dual load results Berger/Hammer

    There are a lot of long range bullets that take a little while to settle down. For example back in my old camp perry days, shootin 308 Winchester I had 175 grn match kings over Varget. My particular load would shoot approximately one or even one and a quarter MOA at 100 yards. But that very same...
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    300 PRC Dual load results Berger/Hammer

    Have you tried your results at 500 yards or so? I think your going to have much different results than at 100 yards. I find it very hard to test long range bullets at 100 yards. Some bullets don’t even go to sleep till well beyond 300 yards
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    Brass annealing machine

    How many pieces of brass can you load on it at one time it doesn’t look like it would hold more than a couple of pieces of brass and you have to sit there and feed it?
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    Where to buy real authentic Mitutoyo calipers

    Wow there is a ton of them. Now to figure out which one to pick
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    Where to buy real authentic Mitutoyo calipers

    So my 20 plus year old Mitutoyo are starting to fail. They flash B for battery even when just replaced and display Err as I move them in and out. I would like to replace them I would also like to go up to the 8 inch model since I am now playing with much larger calibers. It seems that...
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    Help Mounting and Bore Sighting Scope

    I’m trying to find a picture of the A7s but here is one of the new Weatherby
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    Help Mounting and Bore Sighting Scope

    I have two A7 Biggame Sakos. I initially had some of the same problems that you did with two piece ring and basis. I have since gone to Talley lightweight one piece ring and base. They even make them in a 20 MOA version. I also run the NX8 in ffp but the 2-20 magnification. One is on a 270 the...
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    Use of a LabRadar with a Area 419 Hellfire Muzzle Brake

    I was told to stack 2 cement blocks up next to the rifle. Would not be that fun to lug them around to go to a range. But if you had a Home spot to do your zeroing in Chrono work
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    High-end scope for ultralight hunting rifle?

    I went with the NX8’s. So far so good but have only had the a month or so.