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    Opinions on new Bergara ridge 22-250 rifle

    The Sierra 65g Game kings should shoot great from that rifle. Mike
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    Best bullet for coyotes outta my .243?

    Try the Sierra 80g Blitz, all the other Blitz bullets shoot great out of my other rifles. Not too expensive, middle of the road weight/BC and plentiful around the country. Should "anchor them yotes plenty good". I plan on working up some loads for my Savage 6mm-250 I built. Mike
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    Gamescout for calling rifle?

    My son has one on his Rem sps .308. he loves that stock. Mike
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    Show me your favorite Coyote gun

    I hope so, I haven't had a chance to bump one of those 75g vmax's into one yet. Mike
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    Show me your favorite Coyote gun

    Here is my new rifle I just built. Started as a Stevens .243, now with Shilen magnum contour 12 twist barrel chambered for 6mm22-250, and a Boyds stock. Cartridges shown for comarison, .222rem, .223rem, 6mm-250, .243win. I am running 75g vmax's about 3500fps. I am working on other...
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    Berger Bullets Give Away Contest

    Please "Enter Me In The Berger Bullets Contest" Thank you Mike
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    Stevens V. S. Savage & long V. S. action?

    If you want to save even more cash, buy a Savage 22-250, sell the barrel, buy a fast twist 223 barrel and ream it to 22-250. Mike
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    Anyone use Speer TNT hollow points?

    I have blasted a bunch of woochuck with the 50g TNT in my 222 rem. Very accurate too. It really tears them up. I might try the 55g uin my 22-250, I just got it so I need to start the load development process. Mike
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    new dude upstate NY

    Hi My name is Mike, I live near Rochester NY. I have been hunting for about 26 years. I have done some woodchuck hunting with my very accurate Rem 788 in 222Rem. I just got a 22-250 Rem psp and am ready to do some long range shooting. I am starting to look for a heavy barrel 308. Mike
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    Vortex Recon 10x50 R/T Spotting Scope Give Away Contest From Cameraland

    "Enter Me In The Vortex/Cameraland Contest". Mike