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    I got back yesterday from the Cimarron Grasslands in SW Kansas. Fewer dog towns than in years past, and not a lot of dogs. But enough to keep me interested. Made some 400 yard shots with my .22-250, but mirage (98 degrees in p.m.) and winds (20-30mph) didn't make it easy. Out past 250 yards...
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    Prairie dogs on Cimarron National Grasslands

    Spent the last few days of May at the Cimarron National Grasslands in SW Kansas shooting prairie dogs. Drought and plague have taken their toll. I hadn't been there since 2005 and 2006. I was seeing a lot more dogs back then. Still saw a fair amount and got some shooting in, but their...
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    Question for Len re: sponsor

    This evening I noticed an ad for Revlon on the site. I like the pretty girls. Keep it up!
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    6.5x47 lapua

    The Vhitavouri manual has published data. I shoot 123 grain scenars over 37.2 grains of Re 15. Out of my 23 inch barrel, I get 2,798 ft/sec. Using CCI BR4 primers. Some other powders I tried include Ramshot's Big Game & Hunter and IMR4007. None gave near the velocity I got out of Re15.
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    Good deal on a couple of hunting rifles, what one would you buy?

    I'm chiming in here several months too late. For what you're wanting to do, I'd have recommended the .30-06. The price on that .338 Lapua seemed too good to be true. I would have been suspicious of it, but I'm not the trusting sort. If I knew it was in good condition, might have been tempted...
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    4th of July!

    Hey Jon, any plans for new developments with the Clearidge optic line? I've got one of your XP5 scopes. Haven't seen anything new with them for awhile. Is there an FFP or "Christmas tree" type reticle in the future? I like the Horus reticles, but having one seems to add $400 or better to a...
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    Rabbits with a 20 cal

    I never go rabbit hunting without my 20 . . . gauge that is! :D It won't reach out 316 meters, though.
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    how often "honestly" do most here shoot past 500 yards

    Judging from the replies, apparently everybody but me is regularly shooting 800 yards or better. In addition, nearly everyone is from Montana, Wyoming, Texas, New Mexico, or Nebraska. For those that give their location, only CenterShot is from a midwestern state (I assume Tyler Kemp is from...
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    Superior Ballistics & SMc Cartridges

    Well, it's been 2 years since my previous post. I was looking at their website again today ( Doesn't appear to have changed since I last looked at it. As I stated two years ago: I like the idea of engineering cartridge design to maximize powder efficiency. But...
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    Looking hard at a Weatherby Accumark

    I bought a lefty accumark in .257 Weatherby in 2004. Shoots 117 gr Sierra gamekings into 1/2" at 100 yards. Was never as accurate with 100 grain bullets.
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    Can you make $ culling hogs in TX?

    There are landowners and landowner associations that have paid helicopter companies to come in and shoot pigs from the air. So if you learn to fly a whirlybird, have the money or investors to buy or lease a helicopter, and can cover all the other costs (insurance, fuel, licensing, maintenance...
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    Possibly OT but: 7.62x39 110gr Sierra HP and Hodgdon H4895

    Does the DMPS AR47 rifle have a .308" caliber barrel or .311"? AK47's have .311 caliber barrels. Sierra's 110 grain, thirty caliber bullet is .308" diameter. They make .311" bullets in 125, 150, 174, and 180 grains. I would assume your Yugoslavian and S&B ammo is .311 caliber.
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    Weatherby brass & ammo @ Midway

    Bought some Weatherby brass recently (was cheaper to buy it by 50 rather than buy Weatherby ammo with Norma bullets). I was going to buy the Norma brass, since it was a buck cheaper than Weatherby, and Norma makes Weatherby's brass anyway. Then I noticed Nosler brass for .257 Wby. Thought I'd...
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    Cheek piece adjustment/eye relief/sight picture questions

    The benefit of a cheek piece is if you have a scope mounted up high because of a large objective. You can raise the comb to get your eye in line with the scope. If you've got a 40mm scope with low rings, you may not need any added height with the cheek piece. Move it up and down and see...
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    7mm rem mag barrel life?????

    When you think your barrel's gone bad, is there any point in having the chamber recut, or are you better off just getting a new barrel? I know you lose a little barrel length when you do this.