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    Allen builds-- Anyone order one recently?

    2011? Holy Cow! I think Im going to look for another builder. I'm considering a 375 built BT desert tactical as they have rifles ready to ship. I do wish they would chamber in 338 Chey tac. Any opinions on other gunsmiths who do 338 Chey tacs would be appreciated.
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    Allen builds-- Anyone order one recently?

    I am Very interested to hear from those who have recently taken delivery of a rifle. What is the Actual turn around time. This long turn around time speaks for his Excellent work, however Im Not willing to wait 2 years for a rifle.
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    7mm Allen vs 300 Raptor

    Thanks guys for the feedback. Does anyone know the true turn around time on the Kirby Allen rifles?
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    Allen builds-- Anyone order one recently?

    Thanks for the feedback guys. My check is going out this week for a 338 AM only if I can get a few questions answered. For those who have them... What is you barrel length and do you wish you went longer? Can you reach 3500 with a 34" tube and the 300g SMK? How is the availability of the...
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    Allen builds-- Anyone order one recently?

    Has anyone recently had rifles built and/or shipped by Kirby recently? Has anyone needed to order brass from him, or any components for that matter? Were there Any problems obtaining brass, dies, etc? Much of the talk and people who posted pics and reviews of his work have praised him and I...
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    7mm Allen vs 300 Raptor

    Anyone? Most of the threads on this topic date back to 2007and '08. Is the economy that bad? Ca' on guys, give me your thoughts so I don't have to bug Kirby about this. There must be more info on this. I am actually considering the 338 based off the 408 Chey Tac now. Can anyone...
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    7mm Allen vs 300 Raptor

    I have finally decided to take the plunge and have a rifle built by Kirby. I will be hunting relatively small black tail deer with it. I have noticed that Many on this site have gone with the 7mm over the 300. The only reason I can think of is that 338 Lapua brass is easy to obtain and...
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    338 RUM Scope

    On top of my Sendero 338 RUM sits a Nightforce with a NPR2. Perectly fitted IMHO...
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    XBAL / Ballisticards

    I have the a NF NPR2 with X bal on my Dell pocket PS also. How do you transfer the drop/click chart to your desk pc to print it? I would like to have a 8 point font chart for my flip up.
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    Ballistic calculating watch!

    Did anyone get to check this out at the SHOT show? It's only 250.00 and gives you click-ins out to 1000 yards! I wonder about the accuracy of it.
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    Ballistic calculating watch!

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    Don't waste your time, they're junk.
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    Swarovski Laser Rangfinder scopes

    One was on EBAY about a week ago. I don't know how much it sold for but it was at about 600 when I saw it.
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    338 RUM and 200 Gr. Bullets

    I've had a 338 RUM sendero since it came out. I have loaded many different bullets through it with good results. For the game that this chambering is meant for you can't beat the 225 accubond. For ranges longer than 700 yards you may be better off with a 300 SMK but I will tell you I am very...
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    Ken Farrell Rings

    Those do seem to be a nice pair of rings. For less than half of the badgers they look really nice. This is what I'll probably go with.