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  • I wasn't getting any hits so I moved it. It isn't a complete rifle its a kit minus the action. 28" McGowen SS varmint contour, target crowned, standard shank savage prefit chambered in 270 Wby Mag with barrel nut and recoil lug. Bell&Carlson tan w/black web duramax stock RH LA heavy barrel channel. Ammo, bullets, and reloading dies. Nikon Monarch 6-24x50 SF FC with all paper work. Weaver rail, sling, and buttstock shellholder 800.00 Thanks.
    You can handload down to about 110 grain with the 7 mag...that'll do yotes..
    You'd be getting a LOT of rifle fr the price to do anything in the lower 48..
    Thin about it...
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