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    Buddy wants one rifle for everything...?

    The OP included pape ad steel out to 1200. The .308 and 30-06 can handle that and teach you how to learn a valuable skill, reading the wind.
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    Looking for pass through

    45-70 and put it anywhere. 405 gr LNFP
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    ?? Wonder if I made a bad choice

    Hope this pic is clear enough to see, 2008 5 point bull elk. 300 Ultra Mag lung shot with Berger 180 gr Hunting VLD. In the top pic I hope you can see the entry hole on the right lung and the exit hole on the outside of the left lung. The bottom pic shows the inside damage done as the Berger...
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    Sierra matchking performance on game

    You did a fine job putting meat on the table! Nice little buck too. That deer was dead as soon as you pulled the trigger. Good shot too and that's why you got to pose for the picture. Congratulations!
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    Clean Loaded Brass?

    I was wondering when someone would mention Krazy Cloth. It's cheap, it works, lasts for hundreds of rounds. I've been loading since 1968 and I have tried and own everything there is to clean a case. Because of my age, I shoot more paper and steel in competition than hunt, which means 2k to...
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    Building A Do All Factory Ammo Rifle

    You are describing a 308 Win. IF you can shoot well you can kill most anything out to 700 with one. I know it's not sexy but it is deadly. Not necessary to build a custom. A Savage 10FCP set in an HS Precision stock will group around 1/2 all day long with 185s and light enough to carry...
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    What do you use to clean primer pockets?

    This is really a good tool. If you have to run it by hand, this works as well as anything else, fast.
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    Cinch. I've had an Analeaze for almost 9 yrs. I shoot competition 308 Win and now that I've become familiar with the process I don't need to use the Tempilaq except when I change the gas or timing etc. Your cases look very good. Since the process has become so easy I anneal every time using...
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    Not happy with 156 EOL

    Lungers are not shots that drop anything in it's tracks. Bullets designed to penetrate don't do a whole lot of damage on their way thru but a blind man can usually track one down. A good broadside shot in the bread basket doesn't require the Nosler Partition but will always give you the blood...
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    What Is The Best Hunting Cartridge To 500 yds.

    I load my own ammo and shoot in local matches and steel out to 1000 yds. with the 308. I've hunted my whole life with many calibers. In matches I very seldom loose to a Creedmore and don't think I have ever. My point is the 308 is deadly accurate, easy to load for or by ammo for and with a...
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    To brake or not to brake

    Brake it if you want to see your hits and accuracy. What other reason would you want to brake a creed more? Does it kick too hard?
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    Berger close up on game performance

    This was a very large bodied 2008 5 point bull Elk shot broadside on a trot at 125 yds with a 26" barreled custom 300 RUM, Berger 210 VLD. Bullet entered right side and exit thru the left as you can see from damage to lungs. This guy was on the move with the whole herd in single file and...
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    Yet another "What cartridge?" thread

    You need 1800fps at 800yds for optimal bullet performance. You can research that. If I were you I'd ditch the 22" limitation and go 24" or even 26". Everybody and their dog has a 6.5 Creed and they work well for tagets to 800 and if you place the shot correctly it will kill for sure. My 2...
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    Best methods to create low ES and SD hand loads with the easiest and simplest reloading work up.

    Good job and you are on the right track but...almost anybody can shoot a good 3 shot group with low SD's. Show us the money group!
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    Best Elk Bullet...

    Crazyhorse. In 2008 I shot a very large bodied 5 point Elk in Idaho. I was using 210 Berg VLD's out of a 300 Ultra Mag. I was all set up for long range and the bull came on the run with a whole herd and I was able to get a quick shot off at about 125 yds. Unfortunately, it was a dead center...