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    Im not trying to step on any toseI think you should try getting a HS stock send it to RW HART LET THE DO THERE accr,deal for 200$ witch includes bedding crowning truing the bolt 3lb trigger . It by anyway shape or form would compare to kirby or chris ect. I tried it with a erm. adl 2506 with...
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    Need hunting loads for 7mm-08

    Has anybody tried the 120 tripleshocks. Ive used them with my 2506 wiht great groups. Ive been using 140gr. bt . I was wondering if it was worth the vel. dif. thanks marlow
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    savage stevens 200

    Just was wondering if the action was the same as the savage . Could i put a savage barrel on it?
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    Liquid Wrench as a bore cleaner?

    Just a thought but i have a cusin that is a machinist. He does alot of stainless work he showed me one day we went to lunch he sprayed a fresh cut piece of top notch stls.with wd40 crc &marvel. We went to lunch came back hte wd40 piecewas looking bad already hte crc was about half as bad hta...
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    Target Turrets on an LPS?

    Yes Im sure that you can contact PREMIER RETICLES THEY WILL HOOK YOU UP. Marlow
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    708 Will it feed ok in a long action

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    708 Will it feed ok in a long action

    Ihave a long action rem. 7OO thats been trued it was a 2506 . Iwas thinking about puting a heavy barrel 708 on it would there be any feeding problems. Iwas thinking it would be an adv.with the longer bullets thanks marlow
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    Scope mounts for Rem 700

    Ill go with cris on the one piece weaver and warne mounts just from personal exsp. very rugged in hunting conditions. marlow
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 30.06AI Encore

    see if he will consider trade for new leupold 4.5=14=50 lr with varmit rec. marlow
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    scope mounts

    chris What do you think of the warne tach rings and bases. wont the bases exsp. weaver type rings. thanks marlow
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    nikon, zeiss, burris, or leupold for my light weight rig

    They can say what what they about burris but for the money u will no way beat the ballistic plex . If you take time to practice with it marlow
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    Need help mounting scope to remington sendero

    did you use the inserts that came with the rings . You should be able to get 20moa left or right Ihad the same prob. thats why i got the rings. good luck marlow
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    25-06 Ackley Imp or 280 Ackley Imp?

    The 2506 is a great round ive had great luck with 100gr. barns triple shock on deer and black bear the 85gr. on coyotes and groundhogs easy to load and factory ammo is readily avlb. good luck with eather round
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    one peice or 2 peice base for rem. 788

    thanks very much six marlow