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    seating into the lands?

    When loading VLD bullets most of the un i have prefer them hard into the lands.My reamers are cut with a 1.5 degree lead angle and with 0.003 of neck tension you can get them to just make contact or you can get them to have a large mark put on them by the rifling.My method is to seat them very...
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    6mm-06 loads

    My pet load for the 6mm-06 is 57 grains of H1000 with a 107 MatchKing in a 30 inch barrel with an 8 twist at 3433fps. Lynn
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    Load development ladder test

    Cowboy In working the ladder test i use the 1% rule on the powder increments.In your case i would use 0.4 grain increments instead of the 0.2 you used and this will keep your target from getting so cluttered up.It sounds like you had around a dozen shots in a cluster and at 0.2 grains that would...
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    I need some help explaining this one

    Lablover What you are experiencing with new brass is quite common.In general new brass will give lower velocities with the same powder charge because the brass expands to fit the chamber.Once it is all fireformed velocity will stabilize and your load will need some tweaking to reach best...
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    ladder test question.

    Sasquatch When doing a Ladder test or any other form of load development you can use the 1% rule.In a case such as the 6BR which fires approximately 30 grains of powder you would work with 0.3 grain increments.On a case such as a 300 Ackley which runs 80 grains of powder you would use 0.8 gr...
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    Neck clean-up, cutting depth?

    ArthurJTo get concentric necks which is what you are after they must be cleaned up 100%.If you only clean them up 80% of the way that means 20% of the brass is a different thickness so why bother at all? There is no sense in doing a half *** job and later trying to correct for bad habits learned...
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    Has anyone ever Moly coated Lost River Bullets

    Chawlston i was probaly the guy refferred to giving away the Lost River bullets.I bought several thousand dollars worth of those bullets in an attempt to shoot them in my 300 Ackley 1000 yard gun.I tried the 190 and 200 grain J40's and couldn't get them to shoot at all.I have long since given...
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    30 cal questions .........

    Greenhorn The 6.5-06 is simply a 30-06 or 25-06 case necked to use 6.5mm bullets.With a 142 SMK it will give 3050 fps in a 28 inch barrel and good accuracy. Lynn
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    .22-250 AI, .22-6mm or .243

    DoubleD Another option here.Make a 7 twist 243 WSSM and use the new 115 gr SMK that David Tubb has out.Bc is .585 and a 28 inch barrel will push them 3300 fps.Your short action will work just fine once you get the bolt face opened up(cheap job). As the other posters have said the fast twist...
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    30 cal long range preference....210gr vld Berger or 220gr Match king?

    Dr John I would try both the 200 and 220 Sierra Match Kings and see which bullet your gun prefers.I haven't have much luck with the Berger line of bullets in various rifles but others have so they are worth a try.You can buy the 240's in smaller lots from Brunos shooter supply...
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    25-06 Loads

    I don't shoot partition bullets because they're not particulary accurate.I shoot Sierra's and the 117 gr spitzer boattail has a better bc number than there other 25 caliber bullets and is very accurate.Having said that and the fact that you'll probaly stick with your bullet choce as most do.I...
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    whats up with the moly thing

    Moly has been losing its popularity as the years progress.At one time it was claimed that it would cut friction thus giving you higher velocities.If you actualy put moly in your gun powder you get the same velocity as you do when you coat your bullets with it.This points more too it being a...
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    Loose case knecks...?

    In my experience you should start 0.003 - 0.004 under your loaded round measurement of 0.312 with your bushing size or 0.309 Your fired rounds at 0.320 getting swaged down to 0.312 then blownback up to 0.320 is work hardening your brass and its losing tension as well as springback.So what...
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    Cauterucio 7mm bullet performance

    For those that don't know Bob recently went through some heart surgery and has cut back on his bullet making offerings a little bit.I got the last of his 211 and 215 gr 30 caliber bullets and he will only be making the smaller 30 caliber bullets in the future<140 grains. Lynn
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    Wildcat Bullets?

    Not to throw a wrench in the party here but i got some of the Wildcat 338's and here are my thoughts. 1) The meplat is too large for the caliber ging a poor BC number 2) The rebated boattail has too big of a step which will hurt accuracy 3) The lead core extends all the way to the top of the...

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