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    modifying brass to 28 nosler

    thank you very much. I do not understand why nosler does not produce. bye thank you
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    modifying brass to 28 nosler

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the site. I write from Italy I made a cane Blaser R93 in 28 Nosler but I can not find the brass anymore. Who can have them in America? Thanks for your help I'm writing to the forum but I can not make a new discussion thanks
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    modifying brass to 28 nosler

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    G7 vs. 1600B vs. Swaro EL...

    Attention to 1600 b. When used in landscape mode for more 'court measures. not 'reliable .Provate to measure in floor at 500 meters or yards with twice as standar and compensated with a lower and provides measures of 10-15mt.Ho compared swaro and TruPulse by wrong measures. Give me confirmation...
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    Applied Ballistics Mobile app

    Hello. X I would like to know who has tried it is more effective to have the g7 br2 and enter the wind. or have rangefinder standard sigsauer kilo in 2000, and match Kestrel 5400 with ballistic application? ATTENTION I HAVE TRIED MANY READINGS 1600B LEICA AND ARE ALWAYS LESS THAN WHEN YOU WANT...
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    Leica 1600B

    Hai perfettamentamente ragione. Dopo 1 settimana di prove ho stabilito che il1600 b non e' affidabile fornisce misure inferiori . Ho testato con swarovski e telmetro svizzero professionale.E' vero che tiene conto di temperatura e pressione ma fornisce differenze troppo elevate. Ho contattato...