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    Fuzzy Green Onion

    I have never had a bullet tumble that I know of. I have shot several large animals (elk, kudu, gemsbok etc) that I didn't always get an exit from a 180 grain Ballistic Tip. I usually found the bullets just under the skin on the far side of the animal. All those bullets were oriented as they...
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    Can you guess what caused this failure?

    It looks to me like there is a bunch of extruded powder on the bench. If that is correct, it wasn't from using a powder that is too fast. My guess is the flutes were too deep. I have seen this type of thing way more times with fluted barrels than with non fluted barrels.
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    .338 edge+p OR .338 lapua+p for long range elk rifle

    I'm a bit confused as to why you don't like the Remington action with the >338 Norma? Please explain. Thanks.
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    Considering 3 Brands-Models of Muzzle Brakes- Any Opinions?

    I am building a .338 Norma. I have done a LOT of research and I talked with a lot of people. I bought the T4. I will report on recoil etc as soon as Krieger gets the barrel to me.
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    M700 bottom metal

    I'm building a .338 Norma on a M700 action and I'm looking for suggestions on bottom metal. Thanks
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    Bottom metal

    I am building a rifle for the first time and need some advice. I have the action (M700 long, magnum boltface), McMillan A3 stock, Krieger barrel, .338 Norma reamer, and all the associated parts EXCEPT the bottom metal. I am not a big fan of detachable magazines on bolt action rifles (I don't...
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    Shot group question

    WOW! I never would have thought of that. I will keep that in mind for future reference. Thanks
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    Shot group question

    Seven hundred yards is a long way off. Could the wind between you and the target have changed, causing the flyers?
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    Shot group question

    Thanks for the response. This rifle was a Ruger M77V (heavy barrel). I have other rifles with sporter weight barrels and stocks that I shoot just fine.
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    Shot group question

    I appreciate the input, but I doubt that is the cause of the erratic groups. I have had no similar issues with the Remington, never had similar issues with my .300 Weatherby, 6.5 Creedmoor or any other rifle. It was just with the Ruger and not just with me shooting it. I even started doubting my...
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    How many MOA for base?

    I'm building a .338 Norma on a Remington action with a 28 inch Krieger barrel. I have an 1100 yard range and would like to be able to shoot a mile. Should I get the 20 minute or 30 minute base? Thanks
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    Shot group question

    I had a Ruger M77 in 22-250 that would shoot well under an inch at 200 yards; SOMETIMES. Other times, it would shoot well over 2 MOA. I couldn't figure out the issue. I took everything off it, defatted everything and reassembled it using locktite. I had the action pillar bedded, barrel floated...
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    Brown bear Rifle

    GREAT advice.
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    7mm or 30 cal? Just for curiosity’s sake

    If I could only have 1, it would be the .30, hands down. The bullet selection is, IMO, the largest, the heavier (est) bullets can be adequate for big bears and even the biggest of African plains game.
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    .338 Norma max effective range

    I am building a .338 Norma for long range hunting and was hoping to have a setup capable of clean kills at 1000 yards and beyond. However, as I am looking at data from ballistic calculators, (I don't have it complete yet) I can't find any load data that will get me to the magic 1800FPS at 1000...