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    Tikka 300wsm Mod Suggestions

    I bought the thumbhole stock and haven’t bothers to have it bedded yet shoots great as is
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    Short barreled 7mm ??? Help me pick - people with experience please

    I bought two Kimber hunters in 280 AI from Reeds. Had them sent to. Navajosmith in Kerrville. Had one shortened about 3 inches and had Kimber factory brakes installed on both. Both very nice shooters and now the factory offers a brake on them
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    Tikka 300wsm Mod Suggestions

    I too have a Tikka in 300WSM. It’s a great rifle but the stock didn’t fit. I bought a Boyd’s thumbhole now it fits, fired on game 4 times got two elk and a pig
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    Top 5 hunting rifles at/under $1K

    Are there plans for a rifle in 6mm ARC?
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    6.5 Sherman

    My sons and I really like our Kimber Hunters 308,270.280ai and about 5.6 pounds out of the box
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    Top 5 hunting rifles at/under $1K

    I have a custom built 26 Nosler on a rem 700, very nice shooter but heavy. bought a Kimber hunter in 270 for a very good price and like it very much sub 8 pounds with scope SIG BDX good shooter, Convinced me to buy to buy one in 280Ai. had it shortened about 4 inches and a factory brake...
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    Top 5 hunting rifles at/under $1K

    I like my Kimber Hunters light weight nice triggers magazine fed Mauser type action what’s not to like
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    Recommend a Brake--Seekins Havak

    I have a Kimber hunter, i had shortened and a factory Kimber brake put on it by Patrick at Navajosmith in Kerrville Tx. Cost was $89. Brake and $125. Install
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    Fired Brass Can't be Re-Sized

    Don’t forget you will need a small base sizing does due to being an autoloader
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    Sig optics

    Should get a letter from Co. The Sig optics rangefinder and scope system known as BDX are legal this year for big game hunting in Colorado
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    Searching for .700 diameter 2 or 3 port muzzle brakes

    I bought two from Kimber $89.each
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    Sig BDX system for a long range hunt...

    My brother and I both have the Sig BDX scope and rangefinder. We sighted his rifle in at 100 then shot at 200. On the money, went to 300 and my first shot hit bottom center x so again on the money. We both have bought the binoculars and hope to try them soon. Please update to BDX 2.0 before...
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    Suppressor Choice for Large Caliber... 300wm /7mm

    I have never seen a can that you could add a brake too. Seems reasonable I am not a recoil junky.
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    Suppressor Choice for Large Caliber... 300wm /7mm

    Why would you need a muzzle brake the can reduces felt recoil down to less than a 6.5