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    Too much gun?

    There are too many variables to say too much gun for just any task. 99% of the time I hunt white tail deer. I use anything from a 243, 270, 308, or 300WM depending on weather conditions or which scope I want to use. Most of the time I use my 308 due to it having a higher power scope to help...
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    Tikka aftermarket stocks

    Mcmillan Sako Hunter. Not cheap but worth it. And if it is for a magnum I'd replace the plastic trigger guard with aluminum. That way you can really torque the action screws down tight.
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    Cabela's rant

    I live 5 miles from a Cabela's and about 20 from Bass Pro. Bought many (too many)firearms from Cabela's after comparing prices between the two and Cabela's was always cheaper. Now it looks like most of my sporting goods purchases will be from Academy, 7 miles away, unless I can't find what I...
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    Cold gun issues

    Had a similar problem years ago with a Sako 85 270win with a Zeiss conquest 4x14x50 scope on it. It always liked 3 fouling shots then would shoot 1/2 to 3/4 groups. Missed a doe at 200 yards shooting out of a box stand with a good rest one day and couldn't figure out what happened. I thought...
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    Tikka T3x Vs. Browning X-Bolt 300 WSM

    My very limited experience with Browning was an X-bolt I bought for my son. It was a couple of years ago that I tried doing a few things with it and I found very few aftermarket parts for it. Could not find a trigger for it, the stock had a tacky feel to it that fell apart and had to be...
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    Real Bear Encounters Handgun Vs Bear Spray, Handgun wins!

    A few years ago my wife and I made a trip to the Tetons and Yellowstone. I was debating on whether or not to bring my pistol due to traveling with it on the airplane. About a month before we were scheduled to leave I read an article where a Yellowstone employee was mauled not far from the...
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    Shooting heavy recoiling rifle from bench-beginner here

    I have a couple of Sakos in 75 and 85 Finnlite and the stocks are good compared to other factory stocks but the recoil pads are very hard. I also have a Tikka 300WM that I put in a McMillan Sako Hunter stock that has a decelerator recoil pad and it makes a big difference. I agree with...
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    Tikka Warne scope mounts

    I use the light weight aluminum rings that use screws to anchor them to the rail. I was having issues with one of my Sakos using the factory rings and a gunsmith told me he has seen quite a few issues with the factory rings and recommended the Tally mounts. He did use different ones that I use...
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    Tikka Warne scope mounts

    I've had problems with the factory rings on Tikka and Sako. I replace all of mine with the light weight Talley and have been happy with them.
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    Gratuity question

    My son and I went on a guided elk hunt in Colorado. It was a 2x1 hunt and I made a kill but my son did not. When the elk was harvested, I helped my guide skin and quarter the elk. He was very appreciative and I said, “I can’t sit here and let you try and do this by yourself! It’s hard enough...
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    Sako A7 accuracy issue

    If all screws are good and tight, try replacing the scope with a proven scope and see what happens. Even if it is a brand new scope it could be bad and not holding zero. I have had a few that had to go back and one that was brand new. Once they were reworked, problem solved.
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    All Around Mountain Rifle Build

    I had a 270WSM and was shooting 150gr bullets. The recoil was nothing compared to the 300WM with 200gr bullets. The 270WSM could be shot all day long with no problem. If that is the route you want to go, get a 1:8 or 1:9 barrel twist rate. The 1:9 will shoot the 165 Matrix bullets and the...
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    All Around Mountain Rifle Build

    The 300 WM will give you way more versatility with bullet selection and knock down power. When hunting deer or sheep, use light bullets. Want to hunt elk, go with 180 or above. I have a Tikka 300WM that I upgraded. I put it on a McMillan Sako Hunter stock, changed the bottom floor plate to...
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    Sako A7 big game;

    I'm shooting a Tikka 300WM 1 in 11 twist with 200 grain accubonds at 500 feet of elevation with no stability problems. You'll do better at higher elevations.