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    So you're saying you've become part of the problem. Greed.
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    New Handloader Need To Recommend a Basic How To Manual

    Personally I’d get both - old and new info
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    New Handloader Need To Recommend a Basic How To Manual

    Because it’s 2 different books.
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    Do all rifle???

    I just built my “One gun for everything” it’s a 30 Sherman Magnum. Can shoot 300 PRC in a pinch (parent case and fire formed to 30 SM) Can load lighter and faster or heavy and hard hitting.
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    Show Your Carbon Fiber Custom Rifles!

    .30 Sherman Mag Lone Peak Arms Razor LA Mag AG Composites adjustable hunter in blue carbon camo Mullerworks .30 cal 9t carbon sendero Hawkins Precision BDL bottom metal Wyatt's Outdoor, Inc. 300 PRC box, spring, and follower kit Trigger Technology special Terminator T3 titanium brake Right...
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    Witt Machine Clamp on Muzzle Brake

    To watch impacts. Reduction of recoil is multi-faceted. More pro’s than con’s for this.
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    Best case trimmer??

    Giraud Power Trimmer
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    What press are you using?

    I wonder if that’s what they renamed to the AmmoMaster press...??
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    What press are you using?

    I have an RCBS AmmoMaster - got tired of trying to angle bullets up into the seater. So I got the biggest press I could find. This will do 50 BMG with room to spare. I have a Co-Ax press also, mainly use that for depriming now. It’s just OK in my book.
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    What would cause this? Bullet drop with elevation change

    This seems more believable since all guns are doing it.
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    ELD-M vs Berger

    Yes - I shoot the 230’s out of my 10 twist. Have taken them to 2710
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    Max Range for These Groups?

    The reason he stated to do a deep clean when changing brands, is some mfgrs use different alloy's in their copper jackets - sometimes these will "grab" at the other types of alloys and cause fouling and accuracy issues. This is good advice for anyone trying different bullets.
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    Max Range for These Groups?

    Shooting paper at 100 yards and shooting animals past 200 yards are two totally different worlds. Animals move. If you are not PROFICIENT at farther distances on paper, in my opinion you have no right trying to take an animal past a couple hundred yards. I shoot 600+ yards a lot. I’m decent at...
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    Done with 215 Bergers

    He didn’t say “where” in the head be shot it. May have been face.
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    Which 338 to build?

    Here's your Edge Dies - shows as in stock.