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    SOLD/EXPIRED Leica LRF 1200

    ..Offered is my Leica LRF 1200 (non-scan) with case and original box.. Great shape.. It was kept in a soft pouch so no dash-rash.. It's a great unit but I haven't used it inna coupla years.. I never felt under-equipped 'cause it wasn't a scan model.. And I've used it to just past the 1200 yard...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Winchester 7mm08AI For Sale..

    SOLD.!!! SOLD.!!!!
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Winchester 7mm08AI For Sale..

    ..HS Precision stock.. Half-Moon fluted(6) 4 or 5 countoured barrel (25.5").. Redding FL die, rings/base included.. Only about 25 rounds down the new tube.. Showed good potential but "overlaps" another rifle I had to get for factory class.. This one goes.. To your FFL.. Thanks.. $750+shpg to...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Custom 22-250AI benchgun..

    ..This rifle is sold.. Thanks fellas..!! Ya know, the best thing about selling to a hunting pal is that ya still get to play with the rifle once in a while..!! Hehehe.. d:^) JiNC
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Custom 22-250AI benchgun..

    .. RBLP Viper action, Darnell built custom.. Shilen Select Match 25.5" HV(?) contour 1:9tw barrel. Rifle Basix trigger.. It has (2) removeable 1# brass rods in the buttstock.. Gun weighs around 14# with them in.. Stock is a LR model similar to Shehane and has a carbon fiber plate mounted to the...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Sold.!!

    Price adjustment BTTT...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Sold.!!

    .. Hehehe.. Who sez I ain't gettin' a .308 barrel for the custom one'o'these days.??
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Sold.!!

    .. I bought this 12BVSS (round top) a few months ago to try out.. It shoots great but I want to concentrate my attention on a couple of other projects.. I just bedded it in Devcon and have not shot it since.. It's had less than 200 rounds thru it and has the Accu-Trigger.. The first $425+shpg...
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    162 Grain A Max

    FWIW.. I recently had a 7Mag Sendero and seated to the lands the 162's would still fit in the magazine nicely.. d:^) JiNC
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    New toy.!

    .. A while back I did a 22-250AI but it had a 7tw barrel on a Remington acion. That was a mistake but it's what we had on hand at the time for experimenting.. This time it's a 9tw on a Viper custom.. First trip to LDC and it shows promise.. The third load tried bugholed and repeated.. Nothing...
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    Need Help!!!!!

    .. Hey Ian.. Nope, I haven't quit shooting it.. But I have been distracted by another project.. And I really dunno about the .308 to 1K so I thought I'd refrain from comment on it.. As a matter of fact I was just now out doin a last check before I took off to LDC for a coupla days with the new...
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    moly affecting accuracy

    ..One on-going experiment we have going on around here is something of a "moly break-in" thing.. Roy's had several rifles now that he's shot molied bullets in for the first hundred or so and naked after that.. It seems to be really cutting down on fouling but it's hard to be cunclusive about...
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    Need Help!!!!!

    ..Howdy-do and AMEN, sir..!! Mr Matthews is preachin' the gospel, my free-floating friend.. Unless you're like me and just enjoy the horse-tradin', that '06 oughtta do what ya want.. .. OTOH.. Yer pals are in good company recommending the .280AI.. Steve Timm is a long-time proponent of this as...
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    Frugal bubble level..

    .. Hey guys.. I made a these a few years ago and they worked pretty good.. All it is is one of those cheesy see-thru rings with a bubble level from a busted cheap torpedo level.. I had this stuff laying around and had myself a functioning leveling device for 0$ output.. .. Just thought I'd...
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    Odd things we say

    ..Again, Dave, we disagree.. I always put my left shoe on last.. 'Cause when I put on one, the other is left..!! Hehehe.. Eeeewww.. That was bad.. .. Why isn't phonetically spelled the way it sounds.? ..On the new sharp knife front.. I bought a nice little Case at a gunshow.. One...