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    Load for 300 rum with hornady 212 eldx

    I'm going to try up a load for a 300 rum with the 212 hornady eldx bullets and wondered what powder and charge guys are having good luck with. Thanks for the help!!
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    270 WSM for Sheep (?)

    I have a sako 270 WSM I used to take my bighorn in one of Montana's unlimited units. A friend used my rifle to take his stone and dall sheep as well as another friend who took his ram in Wyoming. I shoot 150 grain Berger with retumbo powder. Seems to be a great combo and has been a great...
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    Short barrel for 6.5 creedmore

    I'm building a 6.5 creedmore and have a suppressor I'm going to put on it. Was thinking about a 20 inch heavy barrel to keep the overall length down. Curious what kind of performance guys are getting out of a similar setup or if I should be looking at a longer barrel. Thanks
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    Reloading a 7LRM

    Which shell holder do I use for the 7LRM Just got my dies and it doesn't say. Thanks
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    Which Chrony should I get

    I have a Chrony Model F-1 that is pretty old and I believe reads slow. Just wondered what a good upgrade would be. Thanks for any advice Dennis
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    fired cases sticking in chamber

    Just thought I'd give an update on what I figured out with the 300 win and the 7mm rem mag. Thanks for all the input and help, finally got it figured out so hope this can help someone if they come up with the same issue. The 300 win mag that was sticking the shells was a simple fix in that I...
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    Question on sizing belted mag brass

    Thanks for the response. On the first firings through these cases I had no extraction problems, which makes me think I'm resizing them improperly. I seat the die to the shell holder and give an extra 1/4 turn like my other reloads, so not sure what to do differently at this point. How do you...
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    Question on sizing belted mag brass

    I hope someone knows what I'm doing wrong. I am building a load for a 300 win mag and a friends 7mm rem mag. Both guns are having the casings stick in the chamber after a shot. Bolt opens fine but have to put a heck of a pull to shuck the shell out. This is even at the minimum load. I am...
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    fired cases sticking in chamber

    I'm using winchester brass and there is some scuffing on the belt of some of the cases. Guess that's where it's hanging up. It is the same bolt and I did try it without the brake and getting the same results. I don't think that the smith took the barrel off. He didn't rethread the end of the...
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    fired cases sticking in chamber

    It's doing it with the new brass as well. Thought that might be the answer but shot it this morning with new brass but no change.
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    fired cases sticking in chamber

    Just hoping someone might know my problem. I picked up a used Bansner 300 win with a remington action and I built a load for it a few weeks ago. No sticky bolt and shells ejected with no problem. I took the gun to a gunsmith and had the bolt fluted and a different muzzlebrake put on and when...
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    McMillian Game Scout vs A3

    Can't make up my mind over the 2 stocks! Was wanting some input on those who have the game scout since there's not much info on them. Also, I hunt and outfit in Wyoming and am in the hike with a rifle all fall. The Game Scout is appealing to me b/c of the lighter weight. The A-3 because it...
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    Elk or Mule Deer?

    Where in wyo is this 3 forks ranch? I live in southern wyo, haven't heard of it. I know where I'm at the mule deer numbers have been on the decline for a couple years. Still some great bucks, just have to work harder. We are overrun with elk though and anyone coming in sees lots of elk and...
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    Cerakote Finish

    I'm in southeastern wyoming, close to colorado.
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    Cerakote Finish

    I'm putting a rifle together and was wondering if anyone knows a good place where I can get a cerakote finish put on it. Thanks for the help.

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