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    Tough High BC bullet for .270

    Don't get too hung up on ballistic coefficient, as it is highly overrated for normal and average shooting conditions. If you study the math, drop is very little until you hit the longer range categories when comparing 2 bullets of differing b.c.'s. Good luck!
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    GOOD Low light scopes

    I know a guy that said his Swarvski gave him 10-15 more minutes of shooting light, but he paid for it too, about like 1800 bucks. Most scopes I find are quite comparable until you get into the extreme and overly expensive category...
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    My new license plate

    This is my next one: Rx 7RUM cool.....
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    Thanks for sharing! My Newcon won't read much past 800 yards or so in bright conditions and usually it is in the 600-700 range, which is fine for my applications and not for others. I will put it to max. use this fall and if it doesn't do the trick, I know MidWay will always make it right...
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    I thought 7 Ultra mags. were all 26" barrels, am I wrong?
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    Haven't had any problems whatsoever with mine. Did they take it back?
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    How well does it shoot? Why do you want to get rid of it?
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    Lost River Ballistic bullets

    Anyone tried these yet? Quite expensive, but impressive ballistic coefficients. Wonder how accurate and how they perform? thanks
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    7mm Sierra's

    7mm Sierra\'s I was wondering what you guys know, think, and advise about using Sierra Matchkings or Gamekings in a 7mm Rem.Ultra mag., 130 to 140 grain bullets? I have a couple of questions. First, which bullet is most accurate? Second, how do these bullets perform on small to medium sized...
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    Long Range Hunting Bullets

    Good discussions! I'll add my 2 cents. I just acquired a 7 RUM this year and have my load worked up. I can't remember where, but somewhere on this forum there have been discussions on loads. I'll give you mine. Also, I have corresponded with another 7 RUM enthusiast and this load worked for...
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    Alberta Whitetail's

    Re: Alberta Whitetail\'s Ron is a very reputable outfitter. I have not hunted with him, but got somewhat close to booking. Was looking at Texas, then decided to head to Missouri with IMB. Big whitetails is what I need...
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    Going to shoot 500 yards tomorrow

    And you know what? Long range shooting is loads of fun and practical as well. If you can shoot good at 500, sure makes that 200 yard shot easier doesn't it? I have a friend that thinks a 100-150 yard shot with a .270 is a long shot and he is afraid, uncomfortable, and not confident unless...
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    30.06 ackley - anyone tried it?

    I know someone who has the Ackley. Out runs my Springfield 30.06 by 150-200 f.p.s. depending on loads and bullets. Accuracy is real good and this is a fine wildcat improvement to an already fine cartridge. Good Luck!
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    Considering using a bipod for my new rifle-any BIPODS comments?

    Short Harris works great for me in the prone position. Check out the other bipod discussion in long range hunting section. Good Luck!
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    BIPODS? Anyone use them? Are they worth it? Harris...

    I love my short Harris bipod. It is great for prone shooting, assuming you can set up that way. I actually shoot slightly better than off a bench. But get the back end firm and tight on your backpack, hot seat, or other. Good Luck!