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    Long range mule deer rifle

    If you’re looking to get out the cheapest and have a quality rifle, either get a 7MM mag or a 300 WSM factor rifle and both will get job done with energy to spare. Ammo can be bought anywhere. If you’re wanting to build the best gun possible, build a 300 Norma mag .284 and have one of the most...
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    If you could only have 3 long guns, which would you choose?

    (1) I have just about every caliber you can think of and I wouldn’t want 3 if I knew what I know now. A 300 Norma Magnum .284 will take down any animal on the planet. Mine is actually an AI, no gun is more accurate either. If you wanted a lighter rifle to go with it. A 7MM SAUM 6.5 would...
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    Caliber advice

    A 300 wsm would be an excellent choice. You can’t go wrong. Many calibers would work.
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    Nightforce vs Huskemaw or something else in that price range??

    I honestly don’t know why anyone would knock a vortex. I have one, several NFSs and a HM 5x30. All are GREAT scopes. I’ve owned several IOR scopes. Here the difference, if something does happen to a NFS and that’s rare but I had it happen. I next dated it to them and had it back 2 days later!!!
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    Opinions on this picture

    Something I like to do is have two calls. One out away from me with a decoy close then I have a hand call and throw in an occasional howl and a bark or two.
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    Opinions on this picture

    So sorry wrong tread!! Haha actually I’ve never taken a drink in my life. I’ve shot lots of coyotes in my life but I’ve never seen one like that but I’ve seen pictures just like that one. This guy was asking what to take on a brown bear hunt, a 7 mm mag or a 30-06, he has both or should he...
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    Opinions on this picture

    Thanks, I think. The thing about a brown bear is they are dangerous animals and in a close in situation your life could depend on it. Actually the world record polar bear was killed with a 7mm mag!! As I understand the story, the hunter shot it multiple times and the bear charged him and the...
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    Opinions on this picture

    That’s definitely a co-dog, I think anyway.
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    New Alaska Rifle Tips?

    Honestly I think both are to small for a brown bear. If a brown bear is what your getting a gun for, get a .338 Lapua and be done with it.
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    How much cool down time?

    I never shoot one of my guns over 5 times without letting it cool down. It’ll last ages if you’ll do that.
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    Youth deer rifle.

    Hands down a 6.5 creedmoor. If he’s not going to be shooting past say 250 yards consider a Grendel. Both are far better calibers than a .243. I have pretty much all of them. I’d take the creedmoor over a .308 ever day of the week. Happy Hunting!! Harvey Durham
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    26 Nosler or 6.5 Prc Hunting

    Honestly, I think the 26 nosler is a better gun than the 7 mag. I have both. I would advise you to look at the energy on each one. As long as you don’t get the barrel hot it’s going to last you a long time. Happy Hunting!!
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    Why would you not sight in at 100 yards?

    You’re missing a LOT, if you sight your rifle in at 300 yards, anything closer you just hold on and shoot and you can do it just that quick. If you’re sighted in a 100 yards and see something at 300 yards and hold on, you miss. A 300 yard zero you can hold on up to about 350 and your still in...
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    Notes on the Centenerian

    I agree the 30-06 is great gun but you’re dreaming if you don’t think the 6.5 creedmoor is a good hunting round, your not in touch with reality.
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    28 nosler 195 berger RE33 testing

    What’s your FPS on your load???

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