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    Powders available at hodgdon com

    One thing to think about is powder is not the only thing supplementing the distributor. Powder is the main income for the powder companies.
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    After re-barrel :: 2 shots close together and 1 shot further out

    Have you tried someone else shooting it?
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    Re-barrel dilemma

    6.5 Leopard is an option. Throat life would be a little better.
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    Re-barrel dilemma

    6.5 Leopard
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    Kahles 624i Review: The Best Long-Range Hunting Scope

    I was fortunate enough to be with Ernie when he received this scope for testing and was immediately impressed with the clarity of this scope. When he tested it out to the distance's of 1350 and 1450 I was impressed again. It was my first time to shoot a roving long range competition and was...