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    Long range Airgun hunting

    My longest kill was a potgut at 165Y. Many past 100Y. Another I'm proud of was a Jackrabbit at 109Y that I shot offhand with a prefect center chest hit. 4 mil holdover with .5 mil left holdoff. All done with a FX Royale 22 cal at 30lbs with JSB 18's.
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    Scope for LR .22lr.

    I run a S&B 3-20 on my Anschutz 1827F. Longest hit so far was 675Y on a 2ft wide steel, like 41.3 mils of elevation. Enough of that, I know most wouldn't put a scope like that on a 22. Another one of my favorites is the SWFA 3-15. It has 30+ mils of travel. Good solid scope! Newest addition...
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    Scopes for a "long range" 17

    I'd get a Athlon Optics Talos BTR 4-14x44 FFP. Google it. $299 and worth every penny! They have less expensive scopes that'l work.
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    Dialing vs. Holdover For Long Range Hunting

    Thanks. Admittedly on occasion I will pick a wrong line but as long as I'm concentrating the correct line is selected for the shot, like for instance the first shot on a very important shot. But then I've dialed wrong too before. Usually back when I'd run 5 mil turrets without a zero stop...
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    Dialing vs. Holdover For Long Range Hunting

    Maybe I could bring some perspective. For most of my adult life I was like most of us in that I hardly heldover or off. As I delved into long range competition shooting I started to see certain deficiencies in rifle scopes and reticles but primarily scopes with moa turrets combined with mil...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Wtb s&b 5-25 dt/ccw/h59

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    SOLD/EXPIRED Wtb s&b 5-25 dt/ccw/h59

    Must have positive feedback on a shooting forum before being considered. I am interested in "only" these features!
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    375 Caliber Hornady A-Max bullet weight preference

    When I'm shooting on steel I want to be able to see my hits at ELR distances which is nice about shooting conventional bullets vs the solids.
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    408 Cheytac vs. 50 Cal

    I'll throw this out there and you can take it or leave it. All I've got are a few experiences with different ELR cartridges while out shooting with friends. Also some of these comments are from other friends about experiences with their friends with their rifle's and ELR cartridges. 375CT on...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Vortex Viper PST FFP 6.5-20x50 EBR-1 Mrad

    Are you positive it's a FFP scope? New for 2013 ?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Sako TRG42 custom in 7mmRM +...

    Unmatched ergonomics, trigger others are judged by, lightweight for tactical rifle, half the price of other custom rifles offering less.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Sako TRG42 custom in 7mmRM +...

    Everybody that has shot this rifle off the bipod get's up smiling. A 600Y shot with it is childs play!
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Sako TRG42 custom in 7mmRM +...

    Don't you want this for Christmas!?