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    picked up a rem 700 Varmint

    picked up a 700 in 22-250, heavy barreled, so-so stock has 16 x 56 Hakko Optics scope,30mm tube nice tri-post cross hair with lighted X ring in middle of the reticule lighted green or red,nice in low light 1:14 what should I expect? what bullet? already settled on varget powder
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    New to load building

    I am looking to get a good 22-250 load using 55 grain fmj flat based bullets,does not have to be a"magnum" load I have AA1680,WW680,AA9
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    any body shoot cast bullets

    have a rem 700 in 22-250, really nice varmint rifle 26" bull barrel, nikon bdc scope dial focus, all the bells and whistles does anyone here load cast bullets? these are sized lubed and gas checks just wondering if the 1:14 twist would rip them to shreds or they would work well have 53 grain...
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    just got my 22-250 remington

    I picked up a remington 22-250 varmint rifle. NICE rifle, what is best bullet for the 1:14 twist? I have a lot of options, I even cast a 52 grain and a 62 grain both are gas checked,lubed and should be great in the bolt action any suggestions,insight or just telling me what i need :)lightbulb
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    Thompson Contender 35rem. Super 14

    get you a 358 jdj :) its a beast but accurate and plenty of knock down
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    have a 209x45 barrel

    need to find out what load works best in this t/c ?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED bunch of brass to get rid of

    30-06 30-30 32acp 380 acp others to dig out, sold most of the rifles and now just load for contenders
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 225 win brass

    need some to feed my contender 225 winchester
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    SOLD/EXPIRED thompson contender setup forsale

    due to no where to shoot this fine firearm I am selling for someone else to enjoy and hunt with t/c blue frame, pachmyer grip, two 14" wood forearms,1 10" wood forearm, 3 barrels as follows: 14" 30-30 14" 223 10" 357 herret dies for the above, brass and some loaded ammo also have 30-184 lee...