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    high velocity 6.5 bullet choice?

    I looked back over the information I read and it mentions this problem happening during strings of competition fire. It does not however say that the string of fire had anything to do with the lead cores melting. Im more a hunter than a target shooter, and just repeated what I thought I read. It...
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    high velocity 6.5 bullet choice?

    Yea. At least thats what Berger claims to be the reason for making the target line of vlds. As the barrel heats up toward the end of a string, the lead melts and starts coming out of the tip during flight do to the thin jacket. They fixed this rare problem by thickening the jacket, but the...
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    high velocity 6.5 bullet choice?

    I like the A-Max. I use the 155s with 300wsm and load then in friends 30.06 with great results on deer. I traded off a 700 6.5-06 which my buddy used to fold up a big Virginia doe at 516yards with the 140gr. A-Max. The sst is a great bullet also, but I don't like the canelure. As far as the...
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    260 AI vs. 6.5-284?

    With 115gr d-tac bullets the 243AI will out perform the 6.5-284 at 1000 with less recoil!
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    Sightron vs Weaver vs Leupold: Help!

    If they have you sold on sightron, they have steered you in the right direction! I own a couple of SIIs and am very pleased. As far as the reticels go, I like a standard duplex for hunting. Everything else just to busy for me. If you were to go that rout, having mil/mil, moa/moa would definitely...
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    .270wsm or 7mmwsm

    The 7mm is far superior to the 270 in bullet availability when it comes to different weights and manufactures. It has better bc on average and would be my choice hands down. There isn't even an argument there! If you already owned a 270WSM it wouldn't make since to go out and get a 7mm ,but...
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    260 AI vs. 6.5-284?

    They are both great cartridges. The barrel life will be slightly better with the 260AI, as will case life. The velocities are practically the same. The neck length is longer on the 6.5, but if you don't mind fire forming, the 260AI would get my recommendation. Same results with about 3 grains...
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    deer hunting with a 22-250

    The partitions would probably be the safest bet. I use 55gr. Vmax in 223 with great results. Ido how they would do at close range with the 22-250 speeds but ive shot a couple at 25 yards in the shoulder and dropped them on the spot with 223. In the 200 yrd range i would recommend them before the...
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    .280 or ??

    Nice deer! I think you should definitely have the 270 rebarreled. I would go with the 280AI. I have one on a howa1500 and love it! I wouldn't have anything else for all round big game hunting, tho it is a little on the big side for whitetail in my opinion. With a 168 beger, it is hell on wheels...
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    .223 varmint bullet, 1-9 twist, will it fail?

    I will vouch for the 223 being effective on deer. I have only killed 6 with it and 55gr. Vmax, but all with great results except one. Terrible shot in the brisket infront of the shoulder. I did find him, and had I not been shooting explosive bullets I don't think I would have. As far as weight...