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    35mm rings??

    Leupold and Warne are local to me. And I really prefer supporting local type businesses, I just want to make sure my 300 RUM doesn't have altering effects on my scope mounting
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    35mm rings??

    Thanks guys, definitely helps out. lot more options than I had found.
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    35mm rings??

    For the guys running 35mm scopes which rings are you running or have had problems with? Looking at using Warne or Pure Precision. Any experience with these? Have leupold now And want something lower. Was hoping Hawkins would have some out by now but I have not seen any available.
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    Been thinking about the .325 WSM

    I enjoy my 325wsm abolt. Shoots good for me to 700yds or so which is my limit with this setup. Has a mpi stock and 4-14× on it. Killed a bull last season at 308yds 1 shot through lungs and off shoulder. It does suffer on bullet options but 200gr accubonds and partitions shoot under 5/8" for me...
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    What is everyone favorite caliber for deer?

    280AI,270 Winchester, 25/06. All 3 hold promise to me. And each get used quite often when headed for deer trip.
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    Bipod wish list. Fantasy?

    I have the javelin ,rugged ridge, Harris and the mod Evolution. and have used a hatch. I prefer the javelin for my light rifles. its quick to deploy easy to leave in pocket and light. the mount is small and barely noticeable. but I wouldn't leave it on to pack around. I dont trust the magnets...
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    How much time and effort do you give a bullet, powder.

    what are the load SDs? or how do I find them?
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    New Mountain Rifle

    very nice setup ,accurate, light and looks good too!
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    Neck turning, sizing die, and neck tension?

    how do you decide between the choice of a bushing die or a mandrel? currently I have a basic 3 die set from Redding. 280 AI. I am wanting to get a more consistent setup.
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    Best long range 6.5mm/.264 caliber for hunting deer sized animals

    I chose the 26 Nosler. with some of these heavier bullets becoming available I like it, as a long range deer cartridge. now if lots of shooting and target plinking start coming into the considerations I believe I am leaning to the 6.5-284 or maybe the PRC?
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    Berger Elite Hunter Reviews

    Would you share your 280AI 175gr load and velocity? Was planning on running 168s but this bullet is interesting me?
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    WTS/WTT Weaver 300 RUM price reduced

    Bump Kevin is building me a 300 RUM currently
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    The New Hornady A-tip match bullet

    I am wondering what twist will be needed for 250gr/153gr. I have a 300RUM in progress and its early enough to change my barrel twist? will 1-9 work or 1-8 be better choice?
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    Torn between the 280 ai and the 7mm rem mag

    Lots of good topics here. My 280ai has been picky about 150gr bullets. But 140s,168s, shot quite well was more about which powder I wanted to use. I have tried 180gr hybrid Berger also running 2910fps with 7828ssc. But I wanted this gun for 140-150gr use. Now i shoot 140gr Accubond or Ballistic...
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    Bipod or no, what’s your experience?

    I carry my javelin bipod most anytime I am carrying my rifle. Day hunt or backpacking, its light and quick to connect. I do use it on my lighter hunting rifles as I think it's a little bit light (8oz I think?) for heavier long range rigs. But it definitely has helped my shooting in field...