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    New muzzy on the wall!

    great looking gun you got feel proud its very nice
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    My muzzleloader buck 2016 whitetail

    or go to harvester ml bullets, 300 grain and black sabot!! 3 deer this yr all doa in there tracks not one step.
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    T/C Pro Hunter problems

    Well more information, he gave up on it, I still say not enough fire to light it up, its a brand new gun right out of the box, again our three Tradations fired fine I left mine in jeep for a wk loaded and went out and put one down no problems. will get him to work on it some more. oh ya was a...
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    What 209 primer for BH209?

    I use CCI M primers and never have had a problem
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    T/C Pro Hunter problems

    I will go out and shoot with him and see what he does and take a powder charge of mine and compare, i was worried hes not getting enough primer flash to light the charge up. as far as chronograph not a option in this cats goodies. I wouldnt think hes moving and jumping the gun its in a rest for...
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    T/C Pro Hunter problems

    Sorry but needing your input and help-ideas, this is for a buddy of mine. Okay let me explain my buddy has above gun I shoot BH209 Harvester PT 300 grain with black crush ribbed sabot, My gun shoots them great I have convinced him to switch over from pellets and 250 grain bullets. So hes...