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    Nosler 7mm 140 Partitions

    I have custom competition Nosler 7mm 168 grains 250 each box. I also have a sealed box of Barnes 160 grain TSX FB I also have opened boxes of Accubond 140 gr, 150 gr, 160gr. Opened boxes of Partition 175 grains, 150 grains.
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    Master Bedroom Woodchucks!

    We live in the city, and the administration prohibits firearm discharge in the city.... lots of critters go around the house, including deer. I get to watch them go by.... and grind my teeth
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    Cost of Reloading - Pre-Covid Vs Post Covid

    The cost of many things we purchase has gone up significantly. Reloading components have gotten much more expensive since I started reloading in the early 1970's (yes I am gray haired now and a bit older. The automobile picture to the left is one I recall new 1968 Plymouth Barracuda, and...
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    New member

    Welcome from Northern Utah Lots of good information shared here,
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    Field shooting in hot, dry weather

    Having fought over 50 forest fires while going to college (put myself through that way), I am at best very cautious of anything that might cause ignition. Especially with the dry year we are having makes me more cautious. We live in Northern Utah, not far from Idaho and Bear Lake
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    Remington Model Seven Custom Build

    As a former 257 Improved 40 degree shooter I am partial to that cartridge. The 7mm you are considering would be great, just my preferences showing through. Have fun, sounds like a great setup.
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    Darn Non-Resident Hunters?!?

    I live and hunt in Utah. Hunters being jerks is not unique to ones from any one state. Getting away from the crowd(s) seems to be the most important and challenging part.
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    New to LRH from Idaho

    Welcome and thanks for your service to our country
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    Had an accident.

    I would start with bench and other physical facilities that need to be replaced after a good thorough analysis. Then I would replace any tools irreparably damaged after a thorough analysis if you need it or want it. Want being optional, Actual supplies for reloading would be last on my...
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    Suggestions for a good elk hunting boot

    My preference for daily hard use hiking (I used these as a timber cruiser)... are
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    look who was waiting for me

    Mosquito's are just part of life in many parts of the USA. I have vivid memories working as a procurement forester in Southern Mississippi in the 1970's not long after getting my degree in Forestry from Utah State University. I distinctly recall being resistant to mosquito's after working...
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    New member from Ohio

    Welcome from Northern Utah
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    Odd issue while loading today

    I have been reloading since 1970. I have never used the cannelure as a loading depth tool unless it just happened to coincide with what the targets and rifle told me (that is accuracy or game performance results).
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    Recoil management-poor shooting

    I would suggest putting lead or similar heavy weight as part of the stock to make the rifle "heavier" assuming that is the direction you desire to go. If you do not want the rifle heavier then shoot it more with weight (aka "ballast") and bags until you master it and then start working on...
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    Better late than never

    Great to have you.