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    Cutting threads

    It looked good until I saw the pictures. Now I see tearing.
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    Where are all the supplies going?

    Where has all the lumber gone? Maybe working from home made building an addition more attractive. Where has all the ammo gone? Maybe 8 million first time gun owners bought it.
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    .280AI Loads

    a) 1949 Win M70 280AI Bartlein barrel, McMillan stock b) ~1980 Sav110 280AI Bartlein barrel, Bell and Carlson stock Timney c) 2018 Kimber84L 280AI unmodified Nosler 140 gr Ballistic Tip bullet, Nosler 280AI brass 56.2 gr IMR-4166, 3.34", 3110 fps
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    Savage 110 300WM Bullet Choice?

    This is a Mosin Nagant I converted to 300WinMag with a Krieger barrel. I was using a 125 gr Nos Bal Tip 300WinMag 125 gr Nos Bal Tip Moly, 66 gr IMR 4166, 3.34" over all length [OAL] Quickload predicts 3174 fps 47 kpsi 1.2" 5 shot group at 100 yards.
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    Good Weight for a Hunting Rifle

    I built 3 or 4 rifles a year in September and shoot 3 or 4 animals in October. With scope, sling, bipod, cheek rest, ammo, and rear bag...... I am lucky to keep them under 10 pounds. Here is a Rem700 250 Sav I built in 2020 with a Lilja barrel and Gold coin in the bolt handle..... at 8.25...
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    Long Range Browning BAR?

    I have built BAR pressure regulators from scratch and I have modified regulators. Much easier to modify a $12 part. With an FAL one can tune the gas bypass with a turn of a knob. This adjusts the rifle to the ammo. Enough gas to operate without jamming[small enough bypass hole], not so much...
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    Deer Accuracy

    I built 4 rifles in September: Deviant Defiance 7mmSTW Mauser 6.5-06 Mosin 25 Krag Ackley Rem700 250 Sav In October: I drove 900 miles I sighted the rifles in with bipods shooting prone at 50 yards, 100 yards, and 200 yards. I sighted them in until they hit the 1/2" red dot at 200 yards on a...
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    Mossy bucks in the PNW

    Here is how to get blacktail: Build a garden within 5 miles of Seattle.
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    Tenon/thread dimensions for Defiance Deviant???

    I cut major diameter at 1.062", and the crests were not even pointy. Fits better than any rebarrelling I have done. No side to side play with just a few threads engaged. Rotates very smoothly. I am impressed with this action!
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    243 Winchester bullet choice

    I shot two animals at range with 95 gr Nosler Ballistic Tip bullets. Both were bang flop.
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    Stevens 219 rebarrel?

    I have pushed a Sav 219 in 30-30 to 92,000 psi in an overload work up 10 years ago. I have also done a stress analysis on a similar break action and find them to be stronger than the basic bolt action; 98 Mauser, Win 70, Rem700, Sav 110, etc.
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    30-40 krag load data

    I have two Krags, 30-40 and 25 Krag Ackley. both rifles at 43,555 psi. 30-40 Krag with 20" barrel 43,555 psi, 150 gr Nos Bal Tip moly, 3.340", 47.3 gr CFE223, 2610 fps
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    Ladder Test vs QuickLoad - What do you prefer and why

    I thought I got QL when it hit the streets in 2000, 20 years ago. I think I got a free trial. Ladder tests are useless to me. I found no repeatability in 2002 when I experimented. I have new rifles each year and only a couple days to sight them in. I have only shot a couple animals beyond 600...
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    Advantages/Disadvantages of a 20MOA Base vs 0 MOA

    I build 3 or 4 guns a year for my hunting. I have only shot a couple animals at 630 yards. Usually I stalk to 500 yards. I have sighted in a number of rifles to 600 yards and never plan to go over 8 moa away from a 200 yard zero. Short actions can't do that, so I limit them to 500 yards. So...
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    What are the moa angle to the lines in a Zeiss rapid Z 800 reticle?

    I have measured the lines in MOA at 18X magnification and added red lines and text to the pic