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    What schmidt and bender??? is better

    i have 2 of Darrel's 3-12x42 one on a .280AI the other on a .300WM they are excellent scopes i haven't had parallax issues and have used them on steel out to 1000yds with good results. for a light weight rig i don't think you could get a better scope.
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    A .300 MAG Wildcat?

    kenny jarrett calls it the ".284 jarrett" this is what he has to say about it on his site. "We were amazed that the .300 Winchester Magnum had never been reduced to 7 mm successfully. The wheels really began to turn wondering exactly what the volume of the case would be. We designed a...
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    How often should we clean our muzzle breaks?

    KG1 works a treat
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    How long to break in a barrel

    i had a pac-nor barrel in 300wm installed on a m700. it behaved in the same way with lateral stringing i tried everything(different scope/rings/bases etc), took it back to the smith twice in the end i traded it in as it never shot better than 1.25moa . got a Kreiger barrel now no problems.
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    ABS Barrels

    Dose anyone know a current email address or phone number for Mike Degerness of Advanced Barrel Systems?
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    7mm 140 grain power???

    You would be beter served IMO with 160gn bullets. Ibex are tough animals to put down, I used 180gn ballistic tips in my 300WM with good results on Krgystan ibex last year. If they are out there you normally have time to range them and dial the dope required. the extra bullet weight and and...
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    Best long range cartridge for a .473 bolt face LA

    The .280AI would be my prefered chambering. Loaded with 160gn accubond I don't think you would be underguned if you shoot straight on elk.
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    Custom action "best choice"

    If your worried about crap getting in the action and locking it up just get a Mauser 98. If you want a custom action and the accuracy that goes with it you are just going to have to take a little more care of it. For a custom hunting rifle I really like the borden alpine and timberline actions.
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    Neck turning for a hunting rifle

    The only advantage that I can think of is that you will improve the bullet run out in your reloads.
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    Get the copper out!

    Kg12 is by far the best.
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    do you crimp?

    I Only crimp my 375H&H and 470NE
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    Recommendations for a whitetail load in .243

    The 85grn nosler partition works really well
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    Scope for Sheep Hunting Rifle

    S&B Precission hunter 3-12x42 is an excellent compact with dial able elevation turret or get the same scope with Hollands ART reticule
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    bear hunters undergunned ?

    375 H&H mag loaded with 300grn Swift A-frames can't go wrong!!!
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    Please help with caliber selection

    280 AI would be great for what your after Nosler makes brass and sells loaded ammo so no fireforming needed similar performance to 7rm wsm and saum