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    What rifles have fancy wood stocks?

    Take your pick. They are all Keith Stegall customs.
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    What cartridge for high speed 30 caliber

    I miss read it. I had 3000fps in my head.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Custom Win model 70 pre 64 Palma Rifle

    I am thinking about letting this one go to subsidize another project. Gun is chambered in 30-06 and was originally built by the now legendary Keith Stegall. Not sure of the value of this but if I can mostly cover the cost of my next project I'll let it go. Action is trued but it still has the...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED LH- HS Precision PHL 300 WSM

    I see your open to trades, anything in particular you want to add to your collection? I have a couple RH palma guns built on pre 64 actions not seeing any use along with a few other guns I wouldn't mind turning into something more useful.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED LH- HS Precision PHL 300 WSM

    is this still available?
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    Best Long Range Caliber for Rem. Sendero

    I would look at the 300 just because the 264 win is such a notorious barrel burner.
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    Great American Pointer

    Love the pictures, anything you can tell us about the game birds?
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    Best pump gun???

    Look at a pre 64 model 12, if your not against giving him a used gun. Otherwise I agree on the BPS.
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    .280 rem load data

    I'm looking for load data on the 280 rem if you got a favorite load, or powder i would like to here about it. I'm mostly interested in 150-160 grain bullet data.
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    .280 Remington

    Thank you for the info . I'll backer down a little.
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    .280 Remington

    The data for this round is based off of really low pressures, what are some of the hottest rounds you guys have loaded. I have gotten up to 57 grains of IMR 4350 with a 145gr bullet, but this is way beyond anything I have seen published. At this pressure I see about 1 in every 10 shots create...

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