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  • Not a problem. He had Long Rifles Inc do the chambering and they did all the stock work. Dont hesitate to give me a shout if you ever have any questions. Have a good one.

    Actually Phoenix Custom Rifles is easy to beat. I had a customer send me a rifle they did that wouldn't shoot. Upon inspection the barrel was hitting the stock due to inadequate barrel clearance and the bolt was hitting the stock and rubbing the cerakote off when it would lock up due to an inadequate bolt handle inlet. The bolt wasn't even locking up all the way. Then upon inspecting the bedding it had stress in it as was measured with dial indicators. That rifle should have never left their shop before those issues were corrected. Its the little things that make a huge difference in performance. My one and only experience with anything they have built. Take it for what its worth.

    Ryan Pierce
    Piercision Rifles
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